20 Reasons Why Chris Pratt's New Fiancé Is Worthy Of Her (Huge) Engagement Ring

Hunky Chris Pratt has turned into Hubby Chris Pratt. At least, that’s the promise he’s given to Katherine Schwarzenegger. It seems like he’s ready to settle down, and luckily for both of them, Katherine said yes!

This is great news, but fans definitely have a few questions like, when the heck did they even start dating? Celebrities might try to keep their relationships quiet, but often the world finds out well before they’re ready to share.

Sneaky photos and behind the scenes snaps at parties can all reveal a relationship before the partners are ready, and it’s very hard to avoid for most celebrity couples. Onlookers haven’t seen any of that with this couple, though.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have truly come out of the woodwork with this engagement announcement, and fans couldn’t be more excited. While it might have felt like it came out of the blue, they’ve got quite the romance going.

Who is Katherine Schwarzenegger though, and how did she end up snagging the heart of one of the world’s hunkiest dudes?

Here are the results of some serious digging in a compilation of everything fans need to know about this new, happy couple, including all the facts on the gorgeous Katherine Schwarzenegger!

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20 Neither Of Them Are Serial Daters


Many of us might be a little skeptical at the longevity of the marriage after such a short amount of time spent together in the relationship. However, it’s looking like that won’t be a problem for these two.

Katherine might be in her 20s still, but People reports that she’s definitely looking at a long term commitment.

People quotes someone close to the couple as revealing, “They’re both serious about the relationship and hopeful for the future… Chris doesn’t just date to date, and neither does Katherine. She’s very excited.” Being commitment ready is the best reason to rock a rock, and we’re glad that Katherine has that in spades.

19 She’s The Perfect Match For Little Jack As Well


Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have a young son, which can make post-marriage dating quite a bit trickier. Their amicable relationship has made space for another Mom in Jack’s life, though, and Katherine seems to be the perfect fit. Cheatsheet.com gave us an inside scoop about who Katherine is, and we were surprised to learn that this millionaire is first and foremost a bestselling author. One of her incredibly successful titles? Maverick and Me, a kids’ book that Indigo describes as teaching kids about “adopt, don’t shop” for dogs and other furry friends. Jack might be getting older, but right now this children’s author and child make for the perfect match.

18 She’s Also A Big Self-Love Advocate

soulofmiami.org (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for T.J. Maxx)"

The other aspect of her authorial empire is all of her lifestyle books. Not just rocking the kids’ lit world, but also lining the shelves of self-love and self-support sections, Katherine Schwarzenegger has a huge following thanks to her intelligent and sound advice.

CheatSheet explains that she’s not only the editor of her personal blog and lifestyle website, but she also writes and contributes to InStyle Magazine.

Not to mention her bestselling books, Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From Someone Who’s Been There and Back, as well as I Just Graduated… Now What? Supportive, beautiful, and articulate? We’re thinking that she’s a great match for Pratt.

17 The Whole Family Gets Along


The world was crushed when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were splitting up after nearly a decade of marriage. It seems like it was for the best, though, as the two of them are just as close now as they were back then. People reports that Katherine is now fully in the mix as well, being able to hang out with both Faris and Pratt, without it being awkward. That’s a feat in and of itself, we think. Sure enough, People reveals that Katherine and Faris’s partner went along on the yearly joint trick or treating adventure with Jack, and everyone had a fabulous time. It says a lot about Katherine’s maturity and makes us believe that it’s truly a great mix.

16 She’s Worth $3 Million


Sure, we’ve talked about how great her writing is. But how much is that academic kind of celebrity worth in this contemporary, movie-loving world?

Coming from a rich and famous family, it’s always hard to tell whether the child is famous because of the name, or famous on their own terms.

Katherine is truly outstanding in many different respects of the term. CheatSheet reveals that she’s worth about $3 million, but it’s all come from her own hard work. From the website to her self-love book style, this is one fortune that she’s crafted herself, and continues to just keep growing!

15 She’s More Philanthropist Than Saver, Though!


While some celebs seem to not know what to do with their wealth, Katherine is one that has no qualms about giving it away, and donating her time and her voice to boot! CheatSheet quotes her as saying, “through my reporting, speaking, writing, and community service, I believe I can make a difference. People my age have an important role to play across the board in our society, and I want to use my voice for positive change.” Her actions add up, too, as the article also states that she’s the ambassador for an organization that helps animals, too.

14 Her Mom Set Them Up

people.com (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Okay, okay; maybe it wasn’t a traditional kind of set up, but People does mention that they met through Katherine’s mother.

While Maria Shriver, Katherine’s mother, didn’t necessarily say “go date,” she definitely had a hand in introducing the two, as well as an inkling that they would work out.

Town and Country Magazine’s timeline of their relationship reveals that Chris was actually friends with Katherine’s mother, Maria, first, and then ended up meeting her daughter. Integrating into the family right from the get-go? Sounds like this couple was meant to be. Mom just had to give them a little nudge first.

13 She’s Got Spirit(uality)


Chris Pratt is pretty open about his beliefs, and his social media is full of gratitude and thanks. We’re guessing that it would be pretty hard for him to fall for someone who doesn’t share that kind of love and appreciation for life, as it seems to be a fundamental value for him. Luckily for both of them, Katherine has shown her spiritual side again and again. Town and Country Magazine reveals that they’re both active members of the community, and both have the same kind of love and gratitude for all the good things the universe brings them. She’s spiritually an excellent match for Pratt, which hopefully means they’ll be successful in the long term.

12 They Went Public Almost Right Away...

people.com Credit: RoundPondEstate/IG

Credit: RoundPondEstate/IG[/caption]

Some celebrities seem to hesitate for months and months before revealing anything about their significant others, while others never reveal anything until after the relationship is said and done.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, however, ended up going public almost right away.

These two nature lovers were quickly spotted out and about on picnics and hikes, as reported by Time and Country Magazine. In fact, they were spotted for the first time on a Father’s Day date in June, which came mere weeks after they first started talking. While they have been laying low (and there hasn’t been much said about Katherine yet), they did end up going public right away, which is always a good sign.

11 And Got Engaged Very Quickly


Building off of that last point, it might feel like the two got engaged very quickly. If we’re being totally honest, that’s because they did! Time and Country Magazine places them as having started talking a few weeks before that fateful June date. This means that their relationship really was a summer romance, which has ended up in true love. While we would be a little hesitant to commit to something that quickly, it seems like Katherine is all for it. She’s rocking that ring out of true love, and not for any kind of publicity reason; that’s proof alone that she’s ready for the engagement.

10 Anna Faris Is All About Katherine’s Positivity

huffingtonpost.com (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

That’s what it looks like, at least. DailyMail reminds us that Anna Faris has gone on record and talked about the inherent bitterness that comes with a breakup, but it seems like she’s set it all aside.

Katherine’s positivity is having a great impact on Chris Pratt, and Faris has gone so far as to congratulate the two of them on their engagement!

Considering the fact that they’ve also all been spotted hanging out, we’re willing to bet that Katherine is easy going, happy, and welcoming enough to make any configuration of their relationship work; no doubt Anna is grateful that she can keep spending family time with Jack, as well!

9 Katherine And Chris Are Both Built For The Outdoors


No matter how many photos the two of them post, there is a theme that seems to come up again and again. We already know that Katherine is an animal lover, and is very vocal about her support for animal rights. She’s also a nature lover in general, though, which matches up well with Chris Pratt’s outdoorsy attitude. According to TMZ, the outdoors are so much a part of their relationship that Pratt thanked her for all the hikes they’ve been on during the course of their relationship. This came as part of the happy birthday social media post he made, leading us to believe that nature must be one of her favorite things.

8 She’s The Life Advice Goddess We All Need


Our late twenties to early thirties is a time in our life that’s prone to experimental haircuts, a wide variety of relationships, and lots of questions. Whether we know it or not, there is someone out there who’s looking out for us.

Katherine Schwarzenegger, in addition to being a bestselling author, runs an online segment for InStyle Magazine called #AskKat, which provides answers to all sorts of questions.

From crafting faux marble to figuring out how to stick to New Year’s resolutions, she’s basically the life advice goddess that’s going to get us through this awkward millennial time. The advice columnist position isn’t gone; it’s just been recreated in the form of video how-tos with Katherine as their host!

7 She Has A Degree In Journalism And Communications


Remember when we mentioned how sometimes stars seem to ride the wave of a famous last name? Katherine certainly hasn’t done that, even though it might have taught her a thing or two about being in the spotlight. Not only is she a kind soul (and well versed in beauty and style tips), but she’s also incredibly smart. Hello Magazine writes that she “graduated from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of South California back in May 2012, with her mother giving the commencement address for the graduation ceremony.” Looks like the knack for journalism runs in the family!

6 She’s A Very Special First For Chris


Breakups hurt for many different reasons, but it always seems like it’s worse when there are kids involved. For Chris Pratt, his breakup and divorce from Anna Faris landed him in the kind of mindset that’s hard to break out of.

Focusing on work and on his son, Jack, Katherine proved to be a very special first for him: People reported that she was the first person he’s dated after the divorce.

We would think that normally there would be whispers of this being a rebound relationship, but there’s something special about their partnership. She’s a very special first, and is likely going to last in their engagement.

5 Family Is A Top Priority


No, there hasn’t been any discussion about another little Pratt waddling around (yet). While they might both be fans of kids and animals alike, right now they’re just focusing on blending into their current families. According to People and Town and Country Magazine, both have been spending lots of time with their extended families. Chris gets along swimmingly with Katherine’s siblings and is especially friendly with her mother, Maria. Katherine, likewise, has been getting along well with Chris’s family. She’s so family-oriented that it’s no surprise Chris wanted to include her as a permanent family fixture. And vice-versa on her part, too!

4 Her Website Is Really, Really Popular


Her books aren’t the only best-selling thing. Not only does Katherine have a successful column with InStyle Magazine, but she also has her own website. Lifestyle blogging has taken off in recent years, and we’re excited that there are more and more people who seem to have embraced the entrepreneurship that that entails.

Katherine is one of them, and it’s worked out very well for her.

With a solid social media presence and a website that runs the gamut of fashion, food, and women-supporting-women interviews, her website has a solid following that’s no doubt growing by the day. Good content and a great personality are truly the keys to success.

3 She’s Incredibly Fashionable


It’s no surprise that as someone who has various self-help books, a lifestyle website/blog, and what essentially amounts to an advice column on a style-oriented website, Katherine has some excellent style. From makeup to hair to the outfits we’ve seen her in, she’s definitely one to watch at any upcoming awards ceremonies. And with a fiance like Chris Pratt, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing her posing on the red carpet with him, and we’re very excited. She could give Blake Lively a run for her fashionable money! Now that is a feat unto itself.

2 Her Smile Is Brighter Than A Diamond


CNN reported that Chris wrote, “[Katherine’s] smile lights up the room. I've cherished our time together," on one of the first social media posts he’s made where the two have been seen in together.

While the rock on her finger might be big and shiny, it seems like it doesn’t compare to the brightness that Katherine brings to Pratt’s life.

We might not know much about her, but we do know that she’s got a smile that can shine brilliantly. But maybe that’s just Chris Pratt’s interpretation. She’s truly won over this superstar, and they both seem so incredibly happy!

1 She’s Just So Excited


The biggest reason that she really deserves the happiness and love that’s befallen her is the fact that she’s just so darn excited about it all. Every photo that Chris Pratt posts about her shows off her beautiful smile and friendly glow. While she might not have been in Chris’s life for very long, we’re certain that she’s going to stick around for a long, long time. The way she lights up when talking about her new relationship (and her first engagement) has us convinced that they definitely made the right choice. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been together; what matters is the fact that they love being together. Katherine certainly shows that.

Sources: CNN, Town and Country Magazine, People, Hello Magazine, Katherine Schwarzenegger

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