20 Most Expensive Celeb Parties We All Wish We'd Attended

They are not known for being subtle. So why should their parties be any different?

Who now? Celebrity A-listers, of course! Because, when it comes to throwing parties, the Tinseltown favorites don't leave any expenses at the table. Especially not when it's their own birthdays!

After all, when a person has enough money to bathe in milk every day for the rest of his or her life and still have 99% of their wealth left over, they want opportunities to pass the moolah forward. And parties are a great way to do so while adding on more carats to their star power and wooing their friends with the best time of their lives.

Because at the end of the day, celeb parties go all-out not just on the birthday girl or guy themselves, but also the fellow celebs (and non-celebs!) that may be attending.

So here are the top 20 celeb parties that were so expensive that fans can't even look at the number without their eyes glazing over.

From Naomi Campbell's $1.8 million 3-day extravaganza in Dubai to Blue Ivy's diamond-encrusted Barbie doll gift on her first birthday, the following has enough juicy bits for fans to sink their teeth into and then some. So, get ready for some serious cha-ching!

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20 Kim And Kanye's $1.3 Million Winter Wonderland Christmas Party


Cheers to another Kardashian Christmas! And cheers to another over-the-top, absolutely jaw-dropping K-klan party!

Only this time, Kim and Kanye took over the reins from the momager for the family's annual Christmas party. And boy, did they take over!

The $1.3 million extravaganza saw the Kimye compound turn into a one-night-only Winter Wonderland complete with fake snow, a snow mountain, and a giant igloo.

And the interiors matched the exterior with its all-white decor and a special wintery Whoville.

The party was an absolute hit with John Legend crooning his best songs for the crowd, people snowboarding down the mountain, and Kim reuniting with her on-again-off-again friend Paris Hilton.

19 Beyoncé And Jay-Z Spent $200,000 On Blue Ivy's First Birthday


When you are the only daughter of the music industry's biggest superstar couple whose gross income from album sales happens to be less than 1% of their total yearly earnings, of course, you are going to be treated to the most-lavish birthday parties ever. Especially when it's your first one!

That's exactly what Beyoncé and Jay-Z did for daughter, Blue Ivy's first birthday.

According to Radar Online, the couple spent $95,000 on white and pink roses for the decor, $30,000 on gifts and toys for the guests, and $2,000 on the birthday cake. And they gifted baby Blue Ivy a diamond-encrusted Barbie that cost an approximate $80,000!

So that's $200,000 of what we know they spent. Who knows how much more was lavished beside that!

18 Paris Hilton Spent $75,000 Per Guest For Her 5-Day 21st Birthday Extravaganza!

Getty Images

Paris Hilton sure does know how to turn things up for the tabloids. Especially when it comes to her birthday parties. But the best one, by far, has to be the 21st birthday bonanza that she celebrated with her guests over the span of five days across five time zones!

Dressed in her usual daring style with a tiara on her head, Paris dragged invitees to London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas where they partied like there was no tomorrow.

Daddy obviously ended up paying somewhere in the ballpark of $75,000 per guest for the whole shebang.

As for the cake, it was a 21-tier (yes!), multicolored awesomeness that must have cost a mini fortune too. After all, if she spent $3,000 on a far smaller cake for her 30th birthday, just imagine what the behemoth on her 21st must have cost!

17 P. Diddy's $3 Million 40th Birthday Party At The Plaza Hotel

Getty Images

Rapper P. Diddy's "white parties" are a legend in their own right. But he outdid himself in 2009 when he threw his 40th birthday bash in New York City's famous Plaza Hotel's Grand Ballroom.

According to The Daily Mail, the rapper spent $3 million for the star-studded party where he blew out the candles on a giant black-and-white tiered cake with a shield bearing his initials. The decor featured an $18,000 white orchid arrangement, a massive black chandelier over the dancefloor, and ballerinas floating around servings snacks and drinks to the guests.

The crowd of 500, including Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, and Denzel Washington, were also treated to a private concert by Al Green where he sang his famous "Love and Happiness."

16 Kate Moss Spent ₤100,000 On Her 40th Birthday That Lasted 4 Days!


Kate Moss may not have imposed a no-camera rule on her 40th birthday party held at her Cotswolds home, but the guests knew it was an unspoken rule. Besides, if she had wanted snaps of her celebration circulating in the media the next day, she would have set up photo booths and hired a professional.

Not that the invitees needed blurry pictures to remember what went down there. Even with endless champagne flowing all around!

But the best feature of the ₤100,000 party was definitely the party barn. A concert stage built to mimic the Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Circus, where multiple artists and bands performed, including Massive Attack, Primal Scream, and Oasis.

A close second was the four beautiful dresses Kate changed into throughout the night.

15 Kylie's 21st Celebrating Her Almost-Billionaire Status Cost More Than $345,000


While we may not know exactly how much Kylie's 21st birthday party cost, InStyle reckons that it was somewhere in the ballpark of $345,000.

The party took place in the premise of Delilah's in West Hollywood, where waiters served drinks and nibbles wearing t-shirts that had Kylie's Forbes cover printed on their backs. The K-klan had even hired a professional artist to draw a mural of their entire family, including Scott Disick, on one of the walls.

Party guests were even treated to a performance by Kylie's beau Travis Scott and a few minutes of standup by Dave Chapelle. But the best thing had to be what all the sisters were wearing–pink! Just so they matched Kylie's Barbie-pink Dundas dress and the LaBourjoisie custom-crystal-encrusted jumpsuit she changed into later.

14 Matt Damon Spent A 'Hefty 6-Figures' On His Wedding-Vows Renewal Ceremony In St. Lucia


Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso weren't able to have a grand wedding on Christmas Day as planned because the paparazzi got word of it. So to make up for that and celebrate their love with their friends and family, they threw a lavish six-figure vow renewal ceremony in a Carribean island named St. Lucia.

According to US Weekly, the actor rented out the entire Sugar Beach Resort for the ceremony where he and his wife renewed their vows before 50 of their closest friends and family.

Matt was dressed in a tan suit with flip flops while Luciana wore a cream-colored gown with a sequined belt.

The guests, all in ivory and cream, were later treated to a cocktail party on the beach, which featured beautiful tiki torches!

13 The Beckhams Spent ₤50,000 To Throw Harper A Luxurious Princess-Themed First Birthday


David and Victoria Beckham celebrated their youngest child and only daughter Harper's first birthday in style. Roughly ₤50,000 worth of style.

According to a source at Closer, the couple threw a lavish all-pink party with "big, pink cuddly toys, pony rides, a bouncy castle, balloons and tons of cupcakes." Victoria even brought in special pink-dyed bunnies to tie in the theme with a massive bow!

The party took place on the grounds of their Beverly Hills mansion a few days before Harper's actual birthday on July 10. Just because the parents wanted to have a smaller function at their home in the UK on the day.

12 Miley Cyrus' Swarovski-Studded 21st Birthday Party


Miley Cyrus had a low-key celebration on her 21st birthday in 2013. But the party she threw after the American Music Awards wrapped up on Nov 24 was pretty wild.

The celebrations took place in Beacher's Madhouse in LA where Miley treated her guests to an awesome night of fun, frolic, and endless drinks.

According to US Weekly, at one point of time, she even held a $150,000 Swarovski-crystal-studded-gold-dipped Beau Joie champagne bottle while everyone feasted on the birthday cake that was reminiscent of her look in "Wrecking Ball"!

But the best part had to be what her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus gifted her. A $24,000 custom-made Can-Am Spyder motorcycle with her initials on the bike's body!

11 Gigi Hadid's Gold-Themed 23rd Birthday Party

Getty Images

When you are an A-lister, you don't just leave it at knowing the traditional names of landmark birthday years. You take advantage of them if they drip luxury.

In Gigi Hadid's case, she threw her guests a lavish gold-themed party on her 23rd "gold" birthday.

Dressed in a $30,000 custom golden Atelier Versace mini dress with an expensive gold and crystal manicure done by celebrity manicurist Mei Kawajiri, the party girl celebrated the night by renting out the entire Brooklyn Heights Social Club in New York City.

She even changed into a custom Juicy Couture tracksuit that had 23,000 Swarovski crystals studded on the back and gold-plated detailing along the sides before blowing out the candles on her golden birthday cake!

10 Kris Jenner's 60th Birthday Party Cost An Estimated $2 Million


The Kardashian-Jenner sisters threw a lavish The Great Gatsby-inspired ball on Momma Kris' 60th birthday that's estimated to have cost upward of $2 million.

"The girls planned everything from the theme to the music. Kris was completely surprised!” A source told People magazine. "She was very emotional."

Mindy Weiss, celebrity party-planner extraordinaire masterminded the whole show with exotic white floral sculptures and crystal chandeliers dripping from the roof.

"There was a confetti cannon at around 11:30 p.m. It was amazing!”

9 Rapper Rick Ross Called In A Truck To Bring In More Cash On His 35th Birthday


It's no surprise that rappers like to spend big. And there's no better day to up the cha-ching than on their birthdays!

Well, that's exactly what rapper Rick Ross did on his 35th when he partied hard with Pharell Williams, P. Diddy, and other rappers and NFL athletes at the King of Diamonds club in Miami.

According to Miami New Times, Ross spent an estimated $1 million on the dance floor and later called in a Brink's truck at around 4.00 A.M. to bring in more cash for him and his guests to spend!

8 Simon Cowell's $1.6 Million Birthday Party Had A Shark Tank And Rat Pack Impersonators


Simon Cowell may not pull back those verbal punches when sitting at the judge's table, but he sure does know how to throw an extravagant birthday party.

In 2009, he invited 400 guests to a mansion in Hertfordshire to celebrate his 50th birthday. And according to The Daily Mail, he spent a whopping $1.6 million on this party!

The guests were brought to the soiree in limos where they were treated to a performance by some Rat Pack impersonators while a massive shark tank stood in the background looking all impressive.

As for the dinner, it was another lavish event, complete with shepherd's pies, fish and chips, and other UK delicacies.

7 Kanye's 38th Basketball Birthday


There's a reason why the Kardashian-Jenner clan and all their newer members feature so heavily on this list. They are known for throwing the best parties in Tinseltown! And Kanye's 38th birthday celebration was no exception.

Kim surprised her husband on the day by blindfolding him and taking him to the Staples Center in LA where his favorite NBA team–the Los Angeles Lakers–were present, along with other guests, to celebrate his birthday. She had paid an estimated $110,000 to rent the entire space, according to The Daily Mail.

Kanye absolutely loved the surprise and played ball most of the night. He was also treated to a special birthday serenade by long-time friend John Legend during the celebration.

6 Lindsay Lohan's 20th Birthday Cost $100,000

Getty Images

Infamous party girl Lindsay Lohan sure does know to throw one. Especially, when they are her birthdays.

But on her 20th birthday, she did something different. She allowed Life & Style magazine to pay for it in exchange for exclusive coverage rights. And boy, did they shell out!

The $100,000 party was a star-studded event with famous faces milling around, like Owen Wilson, Nicole Richie, and Eva Mendes. They ate, drank, and sang karaoke till the wee hours of the morning.

As for the birthday cake, it was a massive chocolate cake. Just as Lindsay likes it!

5 Kim And Kanye Spent $2 Million On North's Kidchella Party


It's the same theme all over again–A-lister parents throwing their daughter the biggest birthday party the kid would not even remember on her first birthday. But who cares? We are sure North would gloat about it to all her friends, just as all kids do, once she is old enough to attend a real carnival that inspired her $2 million Kidchella birthday!

According to US Weekly, the celebration was held in Kourtney's enormous backyard, complete with a massive Ferris wheel, face painting tents, and a stage where people could lip-sync to their favorite songs.

A special bounce house had also been constructed for the kids, along with stands for lemonade, snow cones, funnel cakes, and cotton candy.

4 Sir Elton John Sat On A Golden Throne On His Extravagant 60th Birthday Party


Sir Elton John knew where he wanted to be on his 60th birthday. Madison Square Garden in New York City. And so he was, along with 20,000 fans who came in to watch him perform his 60th live show in the arena.

After performing his best songs and rare ones from his early days, he moved on to celebrate his birthday with over 500 guests at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan that very night.

And, of course, he was dressed to impress.

Wearing a Louis XIV costume, the birthday king sat upon a golden throne while the rest of the guests danced and frolicked all around him. And guess what the price tag was on the celebration fit for a king? According to People, it was $1.5 million!

3 Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Spent $6.5 Million On Their Week-Long Wedding Party

Getty Images

Some people are content with one wedding day. But not when it's an A-lister couple. Because then, the wedding party goes on forever.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's 2012 wedding in Italy was the same with 100 friends and family celebrating with the couple for one whole week!

The couple spent an estimated $6.5 million to host the celebrations on the grounds of the white-stone castle-like Borgo Egnazia luxury resort in Puglia where they had absolute privacy. The massive mini-village-like resort is very tight about security, so they celebrated without paparazzi breathing down their necks.

2 Britney Spears Spent An Estimated $1 Million For Her Sons' Joint Birthday

Fame Pictures

Britney Spears' sons Jayden James and Sean Preston were born one year apart but their birthdays fall just a few days apart. So, of course, they have a special joint party every year.

But Britney went all out in 2008 when she spent an estimated $1 million on the truck-themed party, according to US Weekly.

The party was a fun event for families with celebs mingling with each other while their kids played around.

As for gifts, momma gifted the birthday boys a mini truck each with personalized nameplates that they rode all around the party grounds!

1 Naomi Campbell Rented Out The Entire Burj-Al-Arab For A 3-Day Birthday Extravaganza


To wrap with this list, it's only fitting that we feature Naomi Campbell's 36th birthday extravaganza that took place in 2006 and cost her then-boyfriend, Badr Jafar, an estimated $1.8 million!

According to StyleCaster, the celebrations took place over three days at Dubai's famous Burj Al-Arab hotel. The $1,200 a night per suite hotel was rented out completely for the event with each day featuring a different theme. The first day was "All White," the second (which was also Naomi's actual birthday) was "Hip Hop," and the final day was a "Grand Brazilian Samba."

But the best part had to be the giant diamond ring that Jafar gifted Naomi for her birthday. Because,who knows how many millions that was!

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