20 Little-Known Details About Millie Bobby Brown She Doesn't Share On Social Media

Millie Bobby Brown hasn't hit the age of 15 yet, but she's reached a level of success in acting that few will ever achieve. With Stranger Things's Season Three set to drop on July 4, 2019, everyone's fave '80s retro sci-fi show is back on the radar, and with it, the actress who plays Eleven, the mysterious girl who seems to be the key to the mystery of what ails the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Millie's fascinated us as much with her fashion sense as her ability to play the odd and uncanny Eleven with such intensity. Eleven is strange, even alien-like, but we love her all the same — that's Millie's acting talent at work.

Millie is also set to star in Godzilla: King of the Monsters later in 2019, and is producing and starring in an adaptation of The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer, a series of books based on the idea of Enola as Sherlock Holmes's much younger sister.

It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of this talented young star in the years to come, so let's have a look at some of the facts about her and her career that might surprise you.

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20 She Was Born In Spain

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Millie's parents are British, but the family was living in Marbella, Spain when she was born in February, 2004. After another four years in Spain, the family moved to England, and then to Orlando, Florida, as Biography reports. As you can tell from her live appearances, she does still retain a bit of a British accent, and doesn't speak any Spanish since the family moved away when she was so young.

19 Stephen King First Noticed Her Talent

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Intruders is a 2014 TV series based on the novel by Michael Marshall Smith. Millie played nine-year-old Madison in the fantasy sci-fi series, a child whose body was being taken over by an evil man — but the child fights him back as he tries to control her soul.

She made such an impression in the supporting role that she caught the eye of famed writer Stephen King, who tweeted, "Millie Brown, the girl in Intruders, is terrific.

Is it my imagination, or are child actors a lot better than they used to be?"

18 Her Kiss With Finn On "Stranger Things" Was Her First...And She Hated It!

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The kiss Millie's Stranger Things character has with Mike on the show was actually the actress's first ever kiss, period. What's more, she didn't like it at all. Once shooting had finished for the scene, she couldn't wait to let her feelings come out.

Teenage awkward moment alert! As she later told a reporter with Interview magazine, "Finn reacted quite well and I didn't. I felt really bad afterwards."

17 She's Into Thai Boxing

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Her image, both on screen and off, is impeccable — elegant and stylish. But, don't let that fool you. It turns out Millie Bobby Brown is a fan of Muay Thai boxing, and she practices it as a regular part of her workout routine. Her love of Thai boxing goes back years, and she's said to practice her kicks every day, as GQ reports. She works with a trainer who helps her perfect her form, but the aggression is all hers. That Demogorgon better watch out!

16 She Loves Fashion...But Hates Shopping

Via dailymail.co.uk

Millie's a big fan of fashion, and that won't come as a surprise to anyone who's followed her social media accounts, or the many pics of her in the media. She's always so polished and poised, with a seemingly perfect sense of style that always looks good on her. The fashion world, it seems, loves her right back.

She's been on many, many magazine covers, including Teen Vogue, InStyle, and more. She's also been spotted sitting in the front row at New York Fashion Week with BFF Winona Ryder. But, as she's confessed in interviews, she absolutely hates shopping, as Stylight reports. So, just how does she get that fab wardrobe?

15 She Appeared On Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, And Many Other Shows Before "Stranger Things"

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Stranger Things is undoubtedly Millie's breakout role, but despite her young age, she's actually been in the entertainment biz for years. You can spot her on old episodes of Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, and Modern Family, and she had a significant role on Intruders. She also played a young version of Alice in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, a series that aired in 2013 and 2014.

14 Things Are Sometimes A Little Tense On Set

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Millie has made such an impact with her role on Stranger Things that she, along with other primary actors on the show, earned big raises before filming Season 3. Biography reports that the young star was earning almost as much as the show's most well-known star, Winona Ryder. According to The Independent, it's said that Millie earns between

$300,000 and $350,000 per episode!

13 She Learned Her American Accent From Disney

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Since her early influences were British parents and a home in Barcelona, Spain, where did Millie learn how to speak English with a convincing American accent? It turns out she did it by sitting back and watching TV — the Disney Channel, to be specific, as Glamour reports. She's definitely been a go-getter from a very young age!

12 Her Whole Family Went Through Tough Times To Get Her Acting Career Started

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Millie's family recognized her talent and decided to help her pursue her career. She's got two sisters and one brother. The family moved to Florida so Millie could take acting classes and build a career in fickle showbiz. At one point, the family was so broke, they had to borrow money from Millie's manager, as Glamour reports. Luckily, their sacrifices and hard work paid off.

11 She's Won Five Awards And Has Been Nominated For 15, After Almost Giving Up

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At one point in her struggle for recognition, Millie thought about quitting acting altogether. It's not uncommon for younger actors to get discouraged in what can be a tough and competitive business. But, lucky for us, she persevered, and what's more, her talent is being recognized.

As IMDb reports, she's been nominated for 17 different awards, and so far, has won nine, including the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Award she shared with ST cast-mates, and an MTV award on her own for Best Actor in a Show.

10 She's A Kardashian Fan

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While shooting, public appearances, and all that showbiz stuff take up most of her time these days, Millie admitted in an interview that she does have a secret-not secret vice — she's a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as Mashable reports. She's had many exchanges on social media with Kim and Khloe, and has gotten together with her reality TV idols a few times to hang out like BFFs.

9 Young Princess Leia Is Her Dream Role

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Millie and her character, Eleven, were given the spotlight treatment at Comic Con in 2017. During the Q&A, a fan asked her what role she'd like to play if she could have her pick. As PopBuzz reports, Millie answered,

“Princess Leia. I love Carrie Fisher and it would be amazing to carry on her legacy.”

If you put a pic of Millie and Carrie Fisher when she was close to the same age, there is a definite resemblance, and many Star Wars fans are behind the idea. Who knows..?

8 A Casting Agent Once Told Her She Was "Too Mature And Grown Up!"

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One of the qualities that makes Millie so watchable on screen is the intensity she can summon up in character. It's hard to remember, sometimes, that she's still only 14 years old!

Back when she was struggling in her career, a casting agent told her those qualities would work against her — she was "too mature and grown up." But, she auditioned for a part in Stranger Things that same day, and got it, as The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

7 She Delayed Production For A Day On Season 1 By Showing Up Covered In Glitter

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"I don't know where this glitter came from." According to TV producer Ross Duffer, that's what Millie claimed one day when she showed up to the set covered in glitter, as NPR reports. Nobody could figure out what the joke was about.

There was so much on her that she needed help to get it off, and shooting was held up for 45 minutes.

6 She Shaved Her Head For Season 1

Via abcnews.go.com

Millie had to shave her hair for Stranger Things, and discovered that it had some strange consequences. CinemaBlend reports her saying,

"On the one hand it was cool. When you're bald, rain feels like a head massage. I'd walk in the rain and people would look at me like I was crazy.

I'd be smiling, so happy to have the water hit my naked head. But on the other hand, people stared at me, wondering whether I was sick. Some would even laugh at me, without knowing whether I was or wasn't sick. It was hurtful, but their attitude taught me something about compassion. In the end, being bald was the best thing I ever did — being different changed my life. I wanted to embrace my baldness and, hopefully, inspire people. And, now, that's become my message to the world."

5 On Set, She's Closest To Noah Schnapp

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In the show, Eleven and Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapps, have never actually had a scene together. Off camera though, the two are said to be BFFs in real life. They've been spotted hanging out together and are often pictured together.

On his 14th birthday, she posted a message for him on Instagram, saying, “happy bday bubba mooney head ur a shining ⭐️ and I can't wait to be on this fantastic adventure w u. ur so cute and caring and I love you very much #nillie4L”.

4 Her Personal Fortune Is Estimated At $4 Million

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For someone who isn't quite 15 yet, Millie is doing pretty well for herself. In 2018, her net worth was estimated at about $4 million, as The Daily Mail reports.

She's got a Converse endorsement deal, and a few modelling gigs under her belt.

She's also set to star in the big screen flick Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so that number is sure to rise.

3 Her Reps Got Her Mixed Up With Performance Artist Millie Brown And Freaked Out!

Via vogue.com

One of the scheduled performers at MADE Fashion Week 2017 was announced as "Millie Brown." Millie Bobby Brown's reps regularly scan the news to see what kind of coverage their client is getting, and when someone at her PR firm saw the notice, they freaked out. The notice described a performance where Millie Brown had to cover her body in wax to "become a human candle," as Page Six reports. Millie's reps were horrified and contacted the festival to say she wouldn't go through with the performance. It turns out, they got their client — Millie Bobby Brown — mixed up with a British performance artist by the name of Millie Brown!

2 She Got Into Hot Water Because Of A Commercial

Via YouTube.com

In 2018, Millie appeared in a TV commercial for Converse, as part of her endorsement deal with the company. In the ad, you can see Millie sitting in a car with her feet — in Converse sneakers, of course — resting on the dashboard. She says,

"It's not illegal to wear Converse to an awards show. You can't tell me how to be a girl."

But, since the car is moving in the ad, three parents complained, saying that it was dangerous behaviour for her to have her feet on the dashboard, as PopBuzz reports.

1 She Was Born Partially Deaf In One Ear

Via cnn.com

Along with acting, Millie's been working on her singing talent since a very young age, and she's had a few chances to display it for the world. In 2016, she surprised audiences on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon by rapping Nicki Minaj's part on the Kanye West song "Monster." In 2017, she rapped a Stranger Things riff on The Tonight Show, as Junkee reports. So, it's interesting to note that she was born partially deaf in one ear. The condition has progressed to full deafness in the ear, as Glamour reports, but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

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