20 Kylie Jenner Moments That Got Fans Talking In 2018 (+ 3 In 2019)

Getting people talking is Kylie Jenner's job. Given that this girl can break the Internet by announcing that she just tried Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk "for the first time," you could probably say that Kylie is good at it. Literally, everything that this girl does makes news.

After vanishing off the face of the planet for the second half of 2017, Kylie returned to social media in February 2018– with a baby. The record-breaking Instagram post announcing Stormi topped everything we've ever seen. Then again, this girl racks up likes faster than Chandler's gets rejected on Friends.

Kylie's 2019 blue hair matches her brand-new, custom, icy-blue Rolls Royce. Cars aren't Kylie's only ammo, though. They also aren't the only reason she makes headlines.

Travis Scott probably needs to be mentioned by this point. The 26-year-old rap icon has officially confirmed that marrying Kylie is a matter of "when," not "if." He told Rolling Stone that he's "gotta propose in a fire way." These two are now inseparable, their baby Stormi is already an A-Lister, and she'll be turning one in February.

Kylie might be the #MiniMi of her formerly more famous sister, Kim, but she seems to be taking over. How? By making more money, more headlines, and winding up on lists like these. Here are 20 Kylie Jenner moments from 2018 that got everyone talking (plus three from 2019).

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23 Stormi Arrives, The Internet Explodes

via: instagram

It might feel like a zillion years ago, but remember that Kylie spent a good chunk of 2017 (and early 2018) in hiding. "I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark" was the opener to Kylie's apology after she returned to social media in February 2018.

Kylie returned to Instagram with a bang – and a baby. Over 16 million likes made history.

February 4, 2018 broke Instagram records, as Variety reports. "My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world," Kylie explained. Stormi Webster arrived, she became an A-lister overnight, and the rest is history.

22 $900 Million In The Bank, "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire"

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The days of eyeing up millions are over. This 21-year-old is eyeing up billions. Kylie was still only 20 years old when her July 2018 Forbes cover came with a "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" headline.

With the news that Kylie Cosmetics has earned Kylie a staggering $900 million, the youngest KarJenner is now officially the richest. "You guys, imagine this, but all in Lip Kits," Forbes quoted Kylie saying.

We didn't see it coming. The spoiled teenager who grew up on the family's money is now 100% earning her own (and she's making way more than the rest of the family).

21 Stamping Out Rumors, "I Got To Propose In A Fire Way"

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December 2018 came with its rumors. Cosmo reports that Kylie and Travis Scott were battling "trolls" claiming a little infidelity on Travis' part. There seems to be zero evidence of it. Travis told Rolling Stone:

"We'll get married soon. I just got to sturdy up – I got to propose in a fire way."

"You're messing with real people, real relationships, real family," was Kylie's response to the infidelity rumors, Complex reports. These two aren't messing around. Especially with that ring we've seen Kylie wearing lately.

20 Cereal With Milk "For The First Time," Pics Disprove It

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"Last night I had cereal with milk for the first time, life changing." Literally, no-one else on Earth could rock the Internet with a tweet about breakfast foods.

In September 2018, Kylie found herself in a Twitter convo that saw her share her "first-timer" cereal experience. Fans asked what kind of cereal ("Cinnamon Toast Crunch") and what kind of milk ("Regular. Should I try almond next time?")

That wasn't the whole story, though. TMZ dug through Kylie's image history and found a 2013 pic of Kylie. What's she eating? You've guessed it. What appears to be bran flakes with strawberries and milk. #Oops

19 We're Still Getting Over "Stormi Strolls"

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This pic will go down in history. What for? Where to start! Okay, so Kylie's #Boss attitude here is a given. This is Kylie Jenner we're talking about. In April 2018, Kylie took to the rather empty streets of her luxury gated community. Her companion was Stormi. The custom Fendi stroller is worth $12,500, People reports.

When you're Kylie Jenner, though, your designer stroller matches your designer dress.

Kylie's Fendi monogrammed dress took the year's biggest brand, gave it a #KylieJenner, and the Internet went nuts. Kylie captioned the pic "Stormi Strolls." Girl's got wit.

18 The Paparazzi Pic We Never Expected To See

via: emailtuna

Just when you think you know a girl, right? Kylie might seem surrounded by her custom Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce cars, and all the Louis Vuitton in the world, but this pic didn't invent itself. Kylie's giant 180 is still something we're getting to grips with. ES saw Kylie tell Kim:

"I would rather be with [Stormi] or wish she can come everywhere. I think about her all the time."

Kylie was papped here by The Daily Mail. We saw no makeup, no custom Versace, no high heels. "I'm learning so much more about myself and life," Kylie told her sister. This pic showed it.

17 Got In Trouble Over Kylie Cosmetics (But Kylie Kept Quiet)

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This wasn't one that Kylie chose to shout from the rooftops – we don't blame her. Lawsuits have a bad rep, but the majority of them are over small details.

October 2018 saw The Daily Mail report Kylie landing herself in hot water. Alabama-based Sheree Cosmetics is reportedly suing Kylie Cosmetics over the "Born To Sparkle" shade – Sheree's CEO claims that the eyeshadow name was taken 10 months after she created it.

Sheree Cosmetics is suing Kylie "to protect her business," the newspaper reports. Good luck battling the $1000-an-hour lawyers!

16 Getting Dropped By PUMA (But Adidas Picked Her Up)

via: gotceleb

There's always an upside with Kylie. PUMA drops this girl and Adidas picks her up. Try and cast your mind back to 2017 (yes, it feels like a decade ago). Kylie was chosen by PUMA to front their sports campaign for a reported $1 million, The Huffington Post reports.

"Runners are not pleased with Kylie Jenner's PUMA campaign," the media outlet reported. Apparently, hundreds of social media responses were slamming an unrealistic feel to Kylie's ads — some even criticized her posture.

Selena Gomez has replaced Kylie as the face of PUMA. Kylie? This girl doesn't leave the table without gaining something. Kylie joins Kendall as part of the #AdidasFamily.

15 That $1 Million Designer Purse Closet

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We'll never get over this one. Cardi B might caption her outfits "Balenciaga mama," but she's got nothing on Kylie Jenner. In August 2018, fans got the ultimate tour — yes, we're talking about Kylie's purse closet.

You're looking at an estimated $1 million worth of Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci (and the rest).

Harper's Bazaar couldn't help themselves. They had to write an article about it. "This is pretty much where I keep my purses," Kylie said. Kylie even pointed toward a pink Hermès bag that's been picked out for Stormi.

14 "I Made A Little Room For Them In My House"

via: bustle

That face. The sheer passion Kylie has for all things designer– this girl isn't goofing around. There was a distinct dedication to the way Kylie gave her 2018 purse closet tour. The words said it all. "I made a little room in my house and I did this all custom," Harper's Bazaar reports Kylie saying. Why it's custom?

"So they could all have a little home and be lit up really pretty."

Kylie revealed that her crocodile skin Hermès bag would be the one she'd save if her house were on fire.

13 Then Again, $1 Million Earned For Doing This

via: instagram

The bucks this girl can rake in from a single sponsored Instagram post have officially reached #Insane. Then again, there's nothing insane about social media influencers. We've got them on @sugarbearhair vitamins, and we've got them @anastasiabeverlyhills.

One million dollars per sponsored post is now what Kylie can demand, making her the most bankable Instagram star,

CNBC reports. All she has to do is hold the @teamiblends bottle. Kylie promotes less than she used to, although @teamiblends got a 2018 and 2019 post. Well, you've got to rake in the audience after the Christmas bloat, right?

12 "Kylie...Cosmetics. Kylie...Cosmetics," Response: "Dada" And A Giggle

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This is officially the cutest thing ever (from someone who's watched it, like, five times). In November 2018, Kylie shared an Instagram video of little Stormi sitting on her mat. She's clutching a Kylie Cosmetics kit. A little ahead of Stormi's vocab capability, Kylie is trying to "teach her some new words," as per the caption.

"Kylie....Cosmetics. Kylie...Cosmetics," Kylie says to Stormi. This little munchkin looks a bit confused, but she takes those big wide eyes, looks at what she's holding, then says, "Dada" and giggles.

Cosmo thought it was so cute, they called it "too much." Kylie then repeated "Dada?" and laughed. Go watch it.

11 "I Actually Enjoy Changing Diapers"

via: instagram

Not a sentence we ever thought we'd hear from Kylie Jenner. Bear in mind that this reality star's own assistant called her "a diva" back in a 2016 Snapchat. Kylie has done the biggest 180 we've seen. Kylie told Kim via ES, "I actually enjoy changing diapers. It's really satisfying. To make her clean again." Reflecting on motherhood in general, Kylie continued,

"The whole thing is really such an amazing experience. I just hope she's strong and independent and confident."

This pic was posted to Caitlyn Jenner's Instagram. Not much in the way of makeup, right?

10 December 2018, No Ring

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Nothing right now is making more headlines than Travis Scott's Rolling Stone statement. Just as 2018 was wrapping up, the rapper said that he needed to "sturdy up" before proposing to Kylie "in a fire way."

Kylie threw us one of the last selfies of 2018 with her BFF, Jordyn Woods, as they joined Travis on his Astroworld tour. We got super cute hair, an adorable beanie, an unusually "non-glam" bathroom setting, and definitely no ring.

If you're at all tuned in to what's going on with Kylie and Travis, you might have an idea of what's coming next.

9 January 2019, Spot The Giant Ring

via: instagram

Hello, 2019. We might not have brought in the New Year with quite as much style as Kylie Jenner, but we did our best, right? In January 2019, Kylie dyed her hair icy-blue (well, you've got to match the icy-blue Rolls Royce, right?)

No one's looking at the car, though. Kylie has been sparking more engagement rumors than ever now that she's walking around with a veritable rock on her marriage finger.

Kylie recently posted this selfie (and we're seeing the ring). Just after the New Year, Harper's Bazaar reported that Kylie was wearing a giant diamond ring on her left hand. Something to tell us?

8 Trademarking Stormi's Name

via: buzzfeed

Don't think for a minute that Kylie is a newbie at this. In 2017, Kylie attempted to trademark her own name, BBC reports. The attempt was blocked by Kylie Minogue's lawyers.

Stormi arrived in February 2018 and Kylie wasted no time securing a trademark for her baby's name, The Daily Mail reports. The newspaper states that Kylie patented Stormi's name for her makeup line. Well, you're looking at a businesswoman. What else did you expect?

We've got Eye of the Storm as a Kylie Cosmetics shade. Honestly, everyone kind of wants a full Stormi collection. It would be beyond cute (plus, we've seen Stormi holding the kits. She's a natural).

7 How Much This Pic Rocked The Internet

via: instagram

Something about this family just comes with a #MarketingDoesItself. Kim Kardashian seems to have single-handedly taken on the marketing for Kanye West's Yeezy line, although this 2018 pic saw a bit of a #GroupEffort.

Cosmo said that Kim and Kylie "look like twins" as they took to a Calabasas parking lot to shoot this super pared-down (and somewhat comical) promo.

Basic? Not a chance. You're looking at $300 Yeezy sock boots, leggings that retail for $300, plus tanks and tees that start at $150. This pic surfaced in June 2018, and it hasn't been forgotten.

6 How Much This Pic Made Us Melt

via: instagram

Stormi's first birthday is around the corner. This absolute cutie pie will turn one in February 2019. Kylie hasn't exactly been taking to the streets with Stormi, but we get a fair amount of pics via Instagram.

"We about to be walking soon, OG 3's I see you mama" was a caption from Travis Scott as he posed with Stormi in a similar outfit.

To celebrate Stormi's 8-month mark, Kylie posted this adorable shot. It's this little kid's face and smile that single-handedly made the entire Internet melt. Kylie? She isn't even looking at the camera. She is 100% focusing on that baby.

5 "I'm Not Materialistic" — Bedroom Is Louis Vuitton Central

via: instagram

A leopard never changes its spots, right? Kylie might come with quotes like "I actually enjoy changing diapers," but the luxury-loving, Louis-Vuitton-obsessed girlie girl hasn't gone anywhere.

"There's definitely a spiritual side to me, I'm not materialistic,"

Kylie told Fault as she appeared on their cover. While the quote dates back to 2015, this pic is #2018. That's one girlie bedroom, one (likely custom) Louis Vuitton trunk, plus a little mini one on top for good measure. Well, it wouldn't quite be Kylie Jenner without throwing us #DesignerVibes.

4 Vegan-Friendly Cosmetics, But The Lip Controversies Continue

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The questionable morals behind the desirability factor of Kylie Cosmetics continue to be debated. Kylie was in her teens when she admitted getting a helping hand with her lips — too little, too late when it came to marketing. Teenage girls across America were #Sold on Kylie's full pout (and the Lip Kits sold themselves).

Except for Candy K, which contains the insect-derived carmine, Kylie Cosmetics are "vegan-friendly," Bustle reports. The face behind them? It's a little less natural.

This 2019 pic of Kylie got everyone talking for the same reason Kylie did in her teens. While Cosmo reported Kylie "going natural" in July 2018, the enhancements were back for October. You decide on the morals of that.

3 What Was Up With Kylie's Waist Here?

via: instagram

The entire Kardashian family are now fronting Calvin Klein jeans. In an underwear shoot that saw a pregnant Khloe as the first bump-rocking Calvin Klein model, 2018 threw us a beautifully outdoor shot showing Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe.

Kylie posted this "weekends in @calvinklein #mycalvins" in December 2018. Waist-train this girl might, but that's one marked waist. The KarJenner family are no strangers to Photoshop scandals, and this pic didn't go unnoticed.

"Is it just me or is the shadow the wrong way around" was one Instagram response. Mostly though, it was Kylie's waist that got people talking.

2 When We Realized We Judge Her Way Too Much

via: upsocl

There's a downside to being the biggest face on the planet. In exchange for those millions, you have to share your life. While Kylie seems to be a natural at showing us her best side on Instagram, she isn't immune to the comments. Kylie admitted to feeling "insecure" about her post-baby body on season 15 of KUWTK.

"I have to change my style because nothing in my closet fits me from before," she said.

Shot here carrying Stormi in her car seat, we saw none of the "self-obsessed" Kylie that we've likely judged too quickly. Kylie might still come with a #Versace, but the girl has changed.

1 "You Make All My Mornings," #Goals

via: instagram

Celeb baby pics will forever be #Goals. Kylie's home, as The Daily Mail reports, is a strict entry procedure of electronic gates and metal detectors. The reason is pretty obvious. It's to keep this little treasure safe. A trip to Versace used to make Kylie's mornings.

This 2018 pic saw Kylie 100% relaxed and enjoying her momma time. We still can't get over how cute this kid is (although prepare for the Internet to break in May 2019 when Kim and Kanye's baby arrives).

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