20 Details Madonna Keeps On The DL About Her Daughter Lourdes

If you were the daughter of the Queen of Pop, you too would probably do whatever you wanted! If you're a fan of Madonna, then you know how much the irreplaceable "Vogue" singer loves her Lola ― oh, does she ever adore her daughter who is a mini-her.

However, even though Lourdes's mother is Madonna, she is just your average woman in her 20s, living her life, with her two feet on the ground. Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, despite having been brought up in a posh home, is no "Material Girl." But just like her eccentric mother, who forever changed the music industry for women, Lourdes Leon was born to be a star.

With a strong resemblance to her mother when it comes to her appearance, character, and talent, all eyes have been on the 22-year-old. Though she may not be the next Madge, Lourdes has a lot going for her, and we are sure she is bound to make a statement.

Though it seems like just yesterday that the world was gushing over Madonna's first baby born, now headlines all surround the grown woman that she's become. The beauty with dark and luscious hair who has been immaculately dressed since she was a little girl is making a name for herself, but in case you do not know about Lourdes Leon, Madonna's plus-one since she was a child, read on to find out all about her!

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20 Lourdes Loves Love

via Instagram

Madonna's daughter always introduces herself as Lola, in case you did not know. So, when she meets new guys, Lola is the name she goes by. Daughter of the "Express Yourself" songstress, Lola, like her mother, does not have a difficult time expressing her love.

As a matter of fact, Lourdes, who is only 22-years-young, already has had a string of men with whom she has been romantically involved. We get it ― we wouldn't be able to resist her flare either.

We are not too well informed of the men she has been with, as she has kept them away from the media, but over the years she has been spotted with mystery men.

19 Who Else Does Lourdes Get Her Stunning Looks From?

via instagram

If you follow the Queen of Pop on Instagram, you'll quickly comprehend that her Lola or Lolita is the light of her life. But what about Lourdes' father? Who is he?

Carlos Leon is her father, and he's a Cuban former personal trainer who decided to become an actor. He's been in TV series such as Ugly Betty and Law and Order, as well as movies like The Big Lebowski, IMDb reports.

18 Lourdes Doesn’t Stick To Beauty Conventions

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Lourdes has some of mom's flair for rebelliousness and has therefore advocated for the stuff her mother has too, like body hair.

In the last couple years, with social media, women are taking a stance for feminism, and one thing that Madonna started was showing off pictures of herself with body hair. Many celebrities went on and ditched the razor, and Lourdes has also been spotted going natural, and she does not even care. She even posed in a Converse X Made Me Campaign flaunting body hair, as Teen Vogue reports.

17 Timothée Chalamet Got Shy When Asked About Lourdes

via ONTD - LiveJournal

Besides being linked to the limelight because of her mother, Lourdes was in the spotlight more often when she was dating Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet. E! News reports he got all shy when talking about Lourdes in an interview, and wouldn't answer a question about how long they'd dated. What we do know is that they both attended La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in NYC, and they started sparking dating rumours back in 2013, E! reports.

16 Disappointing Her Mom

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Madonna has been an excessive woman who has not cared about what anyone thinks since her debut, but one thing Queen Madge dislikes is smoking.

When Lola was only 15 years old, she started getting caught smoking, and what made matters worse is that the images of her doing so were and still are plastered all over social media. With her strict mother, she evidently wanted to keep it hidden, but until this day, the fashionista is a smoker. Smoking appears to be a vice of hers, and what did Madonna have to say?

"But cigarette smoking, I'm not very fond of — for anyone," she said, as The Hollywood Reporter states. "I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes—most of all, my daughter."

15 Lourdes Is In No Way Shy

via enews

Lolita got it from her mama! Just like Madonna, Lourdes has a thing for pushing and breaking boundaries, especially when it comes to fashion.

In November, Lourdes made a rare red carpet appearance at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, and she surprised photographers and the public with her sheer dress that bared all of her chest. Lourdes was extremely bold and daring to make this move on the red carpet.

What if Mama Madge was watching?

14 That Time Lourdes Dissed Kylie Jenner

via instagram

Does Lourdes care what anyone thinks? Not one bit.

Lourdes was #SorryNotSorry when she completely snubbed Kylie Jenner, because simply put, she does not like the influential star.

Lourdes wants nothing to do with the Kardashian-Jenner clan and she dissed them and all that they stand for. Hollywood Life reports that Lourdes was horrified when Kylie invited her to a party.

“She thinks Kylie and her sisters are vile and has made a big effort to avoid being in the same room as any of them,” a source told Radar Online, the site reports. “She couldn’t believe Kylie thought she’d be receptive to a party invite and has completely ignored her — as far as Lourdes is concerned, she’s not going to lower herself to even responding.”

13 Reality TV Is Not Her Thing

via Instagram

Do you know what else Lourdes despises with a passion? Reality television. A source told Hollywood Life,

 “Lourdes was raised to hate reality TV — it’s just not her world. And she’s very picky when it comes to her friends."

Evidently, Lourdes and Madonna have kept their feelings about reality shows on the DL to not stir the pot, but you can tell by just looking at Lola and her friends that she does not dig it.

12 Lourdes Started Working When She Was Young

via Instagram

Lourdes surely had a genetic head start, and that is why as she grew up, she started picking out the wardrobe for Madonna’s dancers on tour. She also partnered with her mom to create Material Girl, a clothing line for kids, when she was just 13!

As The Guardian reports, Lourdes did most of the work on her mother's line. We think it's awesome that Madonna has given her daughter so many wonderful opportunities from such an early age.

11 She's Not That Into All The Attention

via Lipstick Alley

Lola, who knows exactly what being in the spotlight is like because of her iconic mother, told Vogue,

"I have a lot of people judging my every move. It's important for me to not let it rule my life."

Wise words! Madonna will post photos of her daughter that are so precious to her on her Instagram, but Lourdes has made it clear that attention is not something she necessarily wants.

10 Lourdes Does Not Care To Make New Friends

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One look at Madonna's 'gram page and you would think that Lourdes is living the same public life as her mother. However, a source told The Daily Mail,

"She's not as sociable as many people would have thought and she couldn't be more different from Madonna's huge persona."

With her rebelliousness and eye-catching outfits, as well as the truckloads of confidence she's got, she sure had us fooled!

9 Lourdes Was Mama’s Helper

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Lourdes Leon and her famous mother have a unique relationship; they are practically joined at the hip.

Well, if our mother was a pop icon like Madonna, we too would jump on any opportunity to work for our mother ― how rad would that be?

Lourdes, who's praised for her sense of style, got hired by her rebellious mother to work in the wardrobe department, The Daily Mail reports. This means that Lourdes was touring the world with her mother at the same time. However, despite being on international tours with her mother, the job must've been stressful.

8 But She Parties Like A Rockstar

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Though Lourdes may not be as outspoken as her mother was as a teen, much like Madge Lourdes is a party animal - and her mom doesn't seem to mind. In fact, as Us Magazine reports, Lourdes once kissed her ex, Timothée Chalamet, right in front of her mother. Madge didn't seem to care and she's no stranger to living it up. She joined her kids at 1:30 that same night to dance up a storm with them at a party, as Us mentions.

7 Lourdes Is A Huge Foodie

vai Pinterest

Considering how much Madonna stirred the pot in the '80s and '90s, we are surprised to know how controlling she can be. In fact, all six of the Queen of Pop's children must follow the macrobiotic diet that Madonna strictly abides by, as Page Six reports.

Lourdes eats whatever she wants to and does not follow her mother's rule, despite the great shape the "Holiday" singer is in.

Madonna forbids sweets, chocolates, salty foods and dairy products, but Lourdes is a total foodie. Anyone who enjoys following Lourdes knows that she loves indulging in pizza and pasta. And, she also has great taste, often spotted with her friends at top-notch restaurants.

6 Lourdes Hit The Catwalk

via townsville bulletin

Madonna made a notorious impression when she first hit the scene, and her stunning daughter with exquisite features did the same when she hit the runway last year. The beautiful Lola made her debut on the catwalk for The Gypsy Sport show in the middle of Fashion Week, as Vogue reports. Even more telling, the magazine reports that Lourdes reached out to designer Rio Uribe and asked if she could walk his runway. She makes things happen for herself!

5 Lourdes Stuns In Her Ad Campaign

via Marie Claire

Madonna got to where she is today because of her excessive work and now she is living her best life with all her wonderful children, but Lourdes has been working just as hard.

In 2019, fashion designer Stella McCartney reached out to her because she wanted to include her in a campaign for her fragrance called Pop, as The Telegraph reports. It seems Lourdes was the perfect fit. The fragrance was said to encapsulate being bold, irreverent and authentic - that perfectly describes Lola!

4 The Fashion Consultant

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Who could tell Madonna what to wear or not wear? Lourdes, apparently, but she told E! News, "I love my mom's style." Since they have the same shoe size, the mom and daughter are often sharing Louboutins.

"I go in her closet, her shoes are ridiculous," Lourdes said. "I love all her clothes, I love Alexander Mcqueen, Alexander Wang, so many."

3 Madonna's Parenting Strategies

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Lourdes is apparently quite the sloppy woman, and Madonna had to talk her daughter's ear off many times for being so untidy. Page Six reports how Madonna tried to discipline Lourdes when she was a child, saying:

“She has to earn all of her clothes back by being tidy, picking up things in her room, making her bed in the morning.

She wears the same outfit every day to school until she learns her lesson.”

2 Lourdes Has Landed A Big Role

Nine Style

Exciting news for Lourdes fans! She's going to be a face of Miu Miu's S/S '18 campaign, as Nine Style reports. In the campaign, Lourdes appears in sophisticated images, wearing diamond earring and a matching bag from the fashion house while sitting in the back of a car. She looks so much like her mother!

With many modelling credits behind her, such as Mademe, Stella McCartney, Gypsy Sport and Converse, Lourdes is definitely on track to becoming a huge star.

1 Lourdes Has The Voice

via Instagram

The raven-haired daughter of Madonna has a lot up her sleeve, and we are not the least bit surprised. Did you know that she sings? Hollywood Life reports that she's been in some teaser vids for her mom's "Best Of" collection entitled "Celebration." She's also performing in a production of Grease, and she contributed background vocals to her mom's "MDNA" album, so she's definitely one to watch!

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