15 Times The Kardashians Had Major OCD Vibes In Their Closets (+ 5 Times #Messy Won)

"I know it's an extra expense, but it makes everything so pretty." Exactly what we'd expect a Kardashian to say. That's a line from Khloe, after People covered her "Khlo-C-D." Yes, she's so organized, it has a name.

Much like those neatly lined-up Lip Kits and KKW Beauty contour sticks, the Kardashian closets are nothing short of perfection. They're the size of some peoples' homes, meticulously divided up, and everything is organized according to color, style, era, and brand.

KUWTK has shown us a lot. Kylie Jenner's kitchen is full-on monochrome. Khloe buys containers for her vitamins. Kim's closets are the world's most organized amalgamation of Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Kim Kardashian was once referred to as the "Queen of the Closet Organizing Scene," Pop Sugar reports. To be fair, this girl had a head start. Being Paris Hilton's stylist isn't exactly picking out two dresses and you're done.

The Kardashians are now veritable style icons. The minute they're papped in something, it's sold out. We're nosy, though. Here are 15 times this family showed major OCD vibes in their closets (plus five slightly messier occasions).

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20 Kylie's $1 Million Purse Closet. Literally, No Words

via: instagram

The freakiest thing about this pic? That the collection has likely grown since the June 2018 date. $1 million is Elle's estimate of how much Kylie's purse collection is worth. In a Snapchat that literally made Sex and The City's Carrie look basic, Kylie showcased her collection.

Elle did the math. At the lower end, there are the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Speedy bags (retailing at around $1,381). Upping the game is the $11,300 Louis Vuitton x Supreme.

It's the Hermès Birkins that really rack up the value, though. Retailing at a starting price of $50,000, Kylie owns many. All those shelves. All those rows. #OCD, we be vibing.

19 "I Made A Little Room For Them In My House"

via: bustle

If this isn't organized, we don't know what is. Take a close look at Kylie's face here. The dedication goes way beyond her love of designers. This girl likes her stuff organized. As Nylon reports Kylie saying in her YouTube video:

"I made a little room in my house and I did this all custom, so they could have a little home and be lit up really pretty." No kidding.

The "Hermès row" is Kylie's favorite. The Hermès crocodile skin bag is the one she'd save if her house was on fire. Of course, Stormi has one reserved.

18 Oops, #Messy (But When You're A Billionaire, You Can Afford A Cleaner)

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Kylie Jenner is meticulous about just about everything. Stormi's beanie hats match her mommy's ones. Kylie's nails match her hair. Single-handedly running that Kylie Cosmetics empire has earned this 21-year-old a staggering $900 million– enough to land her on a Forbes 2018 cover.

"You guys, imagine this, but all in Lip Kits," Kylie said in her Forbes article. "I think it needs to be a clear vending machine where you see all the colors." #BrainIsOrganized

This selfie? It's like a different Kylie. Why isn't everything folded? How is there a mess? The caption to this pic was: "On Wednesdays." Maybe Wednesdays is the day the maid comes? Oh, please. She comes every day.

17 "I Think I'm Totally OCD...Everything Has To Be Immaculate"

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The biggest #OCDVibe we're getting from this? The way Kim's shoes are perfectly aligned on those shelves– and still, she looks worried. In 2012, Glamour reported Kim's obsessive tendencies (where she admitted herself that organization is always on her mind).

"I can't take a shower unless the bathroom is absolutely spotless, I think I'm totally OCD, everything has to be immaculate,"

Kim said in an interview with The Sunday Times. Despite adding that she has a cleaner who comes three times a week, Kim confessed: "I always do the cleaning on top of that." The woman is worth $350 million, according to Forbes. Tidying? You can't put a price on that.

16 Olive Dress, Coat, Boots, Nails, And Bag, The "KHLO-C-D" Is Alive And Well

via: dailymail

Pictures of a pregnant Khloe now come with a #2018Throwback. Baby True will turn one in April 2019. Seeing Khloe rock that bump in the most meticulously-chosen, coordinated, and perfectly-paired outfits? Well, we are looking at the self-proclaimed "Khlo-C-D."

The Kardashians are generally pretty up on the matching stuff. Kim has matched her hair to her Lambo. Kylie recently dyed her hair icy blue (after getting that custom icy-blue Rolls Royce).

A wardrobe is an extension of your closet. If the olive coat, dress, shoes, bag, and nails here are giving you major OCD vibes, just imagine what the full-color spectrum looks like in Khloe's house.

15 And We Need To Talk About This Girl's Shoe Closet

via: people

Khloe Kardashian is a girl who likes her stuff O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D. "Khlo-C- D" is a term that Khloe has used to describe her neat-freak streak, although not everyone appreciates the humor. "Why Khloe Kardashian's Khlo-C-D Is So Harmful" was The Metro's headline in 2018. Tweets had poured in from people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

"It is a must to have them color-coordinated, and to be able to see each and every one of them, " Khloe said. "I can tell if one has been moved!"

That's from Elle's article on Khloe's clothing closet. Look up her kitchen. Now that's organized.

14 Describes Style As "Minimalist," Glam Squad Costs $11,500 A Day

via: instagram

Season 15 of KUWTK showed us Kendall Jenner battle the logistics of only having one glam squad between two sisters. While Capital FM reports that North West has a $5,000-a-week glam squad, that's nothing compared to Kim's get-up.

Kim's hairstyles come with a $1,100 price tag, News.com reports. Various sources quote the daily rates of Kim's stylist (Monica Rose), hairstylist (Scotty Cunha), and makeup artist (Joyce Bonelli) as $3,000 to $5,000 per day.

With a total estimate of around $11,500, that's glam on a whole other level. Kim's closets don't just extend to makeup. How she organizes it? Just watch old episodes of KUWTK for that.

13 That Moment You Feel Mildly Sorry For Whoever Had To Clear This Up

via: instagram

This is where all the OCD vibes in the world get turned on their head. To be fair, given how much control Kim has over her own social media, allowing this pic to surface was pretty brave. But that's Kim. She's real. However, even her sister Khloe has been aggravated by Kim's messiness.

"She couldn't handle that Kim would just leave her clothes on the floor for someone to pick up," 

The Hollywood Gossip reports. "She thought her sister was a slob." While your immediate thought might be that a maid cleared this up, remember that Kim told The Sunday Times she cleaned things herself despite the professional help.

12 Anyone Else Mildly Irritated By That Final Row Of Shoes Facing The Wrong Way?

via: instagram

There we are, ogling the unimaginably luxurious wardrobes that these women have, and then something bugs us. Kourtney definitely seems to have things pretty organized here, including what appears to be a showcasing preference – look at the shoes.

See how the final row are angled a different way to show them off?  To be fair, we're not entirely sure whose closet this is. Could be any of the five sisters. "The Method To My Madness" was one of Khloe's website posts– the pantry addition alone saw Khlo dish out affordable ways to organize your kitchen. The shoes here? Well, you can like it (or not).

11 That Time Kylie's Amazing Hair Distracted You From The Clutter

via: instagram

To be fair, selfies of Kylie showing off her new hair color are hardly a rarity. This girl goes straight to the gram to showcase her locks, and Kylie can easily rack up millions of likes within a matter of hours.

The carpeted floor here suggests that Kylie might have been on the move – those Hidden Hills mansions of hers are more about the polished marbles than patterned hotel-style carpets.

Yes, it's an effort. But if you can take your eye off Kylie for a second, you might notice the slight clutter in the background. From the girl whose purse closet is literal #OrganizationGoals, this is just one more time Kylie got caught being #Messy.

10 That Time Kendall Didn't Have A Distraction (Nor Did She Seem Too Fussed)

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Sitting in closets surrounded by clothes is Kendall Jenner's job. Wardrobe fittings for shoots can easily see up to a dozen racks of clothes being rifled through to find the perfect look– Kenny's job is showing off the result.

In 2018, Kendall opened her closet to The Hollywood Unlocked. The media outlet described limited space in Kendall's NYC SoHo apartment (but it did mention her sisters' palatial Calabasas homes).

"Sitting in front of piles of shirts," the report stated. That said, we did learn about floor-to-ceiling shelving units and storage bags. Kendall isn't a Kardashian when it comes to the organization, though.

9 Kim Admits She Has "20 Different Types Of Shampoo," Imagine The Swimwear Closet

via The Cut

Kim might have over 20 different types of concealers, highlighters, and contour sticks available to purchase from KKW Beauty, but this girl knows the meaning of "having a range."

Owning "20 different shampoos" was Kim's admission to The Sunday Times. In a candid interview, Kim even admitted to having all her food delivered in "special individual freezer bags" (which she then organizes in her refrigerator).

Kim's ultimate fear, Glamour reports, is actually having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now that you're picturing the shampoos, picture this girl's swimwear collection!

8 It's Not A Selfie, It's A "Shelfie"

via: ok

It isn't a Kardashian selfie without a waist-trainer. It also wouldn't be a Kardashian selfie without the world's most immaculate closet. "You say OCD is a disease, but I say it's a blessing," Khloe was quoted as saying by People.

Unfortunately, Khloe's light-hearted spin on her obsessive tendencies haven't gone down too well. While In Style taught fans how to re-create Khloe's "OCD" cookie jars, other headlines reported on the social media response to Khloe's choice of words.

Khloe found herself "slammed," Style Caster reported. Meanwhile, The Irish Independent reported on Khloe's OCD "problematic" campaign. We'll assume this girl meant no wrong. Also, that closet.

7 The Woman Khloe Personally Credits For Teaching Her Those Organizational Skills

via: ibtimes

Personality traits come from somewhere, right? If you turn around at 22 years old and realize that you adore caring for houseplants, it generally doesn't come as a surprise when you discover that your mom does the same. People reports Khlo saying:

"Besides the Khlo-C-D, my mom also taught me hosting etiquette, like how to set the dinner table." Khloe added, "[I'm] really grateful for everything she has taught me."

"I have always been Khlo-C-D– and I have Kris Jenner to thank, LOL" Khloe wrote on her website. Looking at Kris in this closet, we're seeing what she means.

6 "Organize Your Closet By Category, All Hangers Should Be The Same"

via: homedecorationideas

Kourtney Kardashian is so organized, Vogue reported nine "Kourt-approved" organization tips back in 2016. Yes, the time-strapped, "OG" Kardashian mom is 100% about the organizing. Kourt called decluttering and organizing "very therapeutic."

"If I'm feeling [too much], I don't like to cook or go out to relax, I prefer to clean out the closets of organize the living room.

Everything, no matter how small, should have its own place," Vogue reports her saying. "Also, divide your clothes up into categories: for shoes, you can have all flat shoes together, sneakers together, [flip-flops] together, then heels, booties, high boots, thigh-high boots, et cetera."

5 North West's Closet Might Need Some Extra Space, Though

via: pinterest

Don't think that closets only apply to the grown-up members of this family. North West has been racking up the style since the day she was born (plus the toys, of course). This picture of North West in her closet didn't exactly show a mess, but it for sure suggested that a little more space wouldn't go amiss.

"I am archiving all of North's looks.

Remember this? Remember this? Remember this?" Kim was quoted as saying by Grazia Daily in 2017. This particular pic of North's closet was shared by Kim to social media back in 2016. We'll assume there's been an upgrade since.

4 Because Your Louis Vuitton Belongs With Your Louis Vuitton

via youtube

As if the reality TV show wasn't enough, Kylie showed off her mansion in a video she made for her website. She admitted her assistant called her a hoarder — just take a look at her closet — but at least she's organized. She did admit, however, of getting rid of some of her stems. This wasn't originally a room devoted to just shoes, but Kylie said she just added some shelves to organize them all. It's now her favourite room in the house. "It's pretty much every girl's dream. I always wanted a shoe closet," she said.

3 Because A Yeezy Look Isn't Complete Unless It's #Immaculate

via: instagram

Yeezy didn't become an empire by accident. Kanye West built this brand from hard work, meticulous dedication, and attention to detail. While Kim is the main model for the brand's super pared-down athleisurewear, everything about her looks come with her husband's influence.

"I love working with Kanye in that way because he will listen to me on things that are important to me, and I'll trust him on colors and fabrics,"

Kim told People. Right there. All that detail. It's all in Kim's quote. The organized tendencies don't just go into these women's closets. They're there as a thought process.

2 In Case This Family Thought They Were Off The Hook, #ProvingOurPoint

via: instagram

If the Kardashians are known for anything, it's doing stuff as a family. They hit Nobu together. They fly to Japan together. Family is everything to these girls (well, and clothes).

This pic of Kylie, Khloe, and Kourtney might have been showcasing the #WaistGang, but it was as much about the matching as the waist training. The floors are polished, the table is gleaming, the girls have streamlined outfits, and yes, we're getting a slight whiff of the #OCD vibes.

1 "There's A Lot Of Baggage That Comes Along With Our Family — But It's Like Louis Vuitton Baggage"

via: twitter

Kim never runs out of ways to break the internet. She did it on the cover of Paper magazine in 2014, then all over again with this Instagram post in 2018. What we got? One full-length Fendi bodysuit and two trash cans that appeared to have the Louis Vuitton monogram.

"There's a lot of baggage that comes along with our family, but it's like Louis Vuitton baggage,"

Marie Claire quotes Kim saying. #OnlyKim. Not many people know that Kim has confessed to having obsessive tendencies, though. If you read her cleaning confession just above though, you'll see that they're 100% there.

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