15 Signs We're Pros At ‘Adulting’ (& 10 We Might Be Lagging Behind)

A young person knows they're an adult when the only drama they want in their life is that which is delivered via Netflix. After all, getting upset over little things in life is so high-school. (Or maybe college.)

Because, let's face it, crossing over the threshold of 18 does not magically transform a teenager into an adult. Nor does the number of grey hairs on one's head make one an adult, either.

An adult is an adult when they act like it.

Isn't that why people get frustrated at their housemates when they need to be reminded each time when it's their turn to throw out the garbage? Or why they smirk when they hear freshers in the workplace talk about where they want to build their dream home once they retire at 30?

Being young and naive is a precursor to adulting, but there are a ton of behaviors that say more about a person's grown-up status than anything else they might try to defend themselves with.

So here are 15 signs a person is actually good at 'adulting' and 10 they are still pretty bad at it. After all, age is just a number and 'experience' just an excuse!

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25 A+ In Adulting: We Help Without Expecting Anything In Return


You are good at adulting when you help people without expecting anything in return and don't lose sleep when you absolutely can't help or won't (for whatever personal reason).

Because, let's face it, only kids and teenagers barter favors when they help one another.

And if you are a 40-year-old (or whatever) and still stuck in the same transactional pattern of behavior, you fall in the same category as them.

24 A+ In Adulting: We Don't Max Out Our Credit Cards


Because, credit score. And two, we don't have a sugar daddy to pay off the bills and the interest fees.

Besides, people who max out their credit cards all the time have zero impulse control. And they either end up homeless because of it or pile on enough debt to last them until old age.

So if you have a good financial head and know the importance of spending within your means, you definitely are an adult.

23 Still Immature: We Do The Dishes Only When There Are No Clean Ones


If you never did this–let the dishes pile on forever–even when you were young, you either had a really strict and disciplinary parent or are a bonafide saint.

The rest of us are all guilty of doing this at least in the early years of our life. Especially when we were fresh out of home and living on our own in the college campus.

Because who's got the time for manual labor when we have to binge watch 6 seasons of GoT?

And paper plates and cups are always an option if we have run out of clean surfaces to eat on but are too lazy to budge our butt!

22 A+ In Adulting: We Iron Our Clothes Before Wearing Them


On the surface, this might sound silly as a sign of adulting, but those who have stable jobs and an adult social circle know the importance of being well-groomed at all times. It gives us confidence and makes us stand out as a competent individual.

So if you regularly iron your clothes, good for you!

Laziness when it comes to routine chores is a big sign you haven't grow up in your mind yet.

21 Still Immature: We Think Pizza And Cola Is A Meal


Because why not? It tastes good (sooooo good!), brings home the fun, and leaves you satisfied like nothing else.

Even the burps taste good afterward! What? They do!

Besides, our energy drink has all the nutrients we need to survive. And it's not like we are going to clonk off tomorrow!

So more pizza, please. And hold off the olives. They taste yuck!

20 A+ In Adulting: We Prefer Eating Balanced, Homecooked Meals


When you are a real adult, you know that age brings with it a whole horde of health problems. And since eating clean and exercising regularly are the only things we can do to hold off the inevitable, we make sure it becomes part of our routine.

That's why the preference for a clean and balanced diet. Especially one that has been cooked at home so we know exactly what went into its making and how fresh each of the ingredients were.

19 A+ In Adulting: Two Words. Oral Hygiene


You are an adult when you wince when you hear that somebody thought it was okay to just rinse their mouth with water because they woke up late for work and had no time to brush their teeth. And that they don't plan on brushing until the next day, if at all.

How can they not brush their teeth?

Don't they know how expensive it would be to fix their teeth if cavities messed them up? Or how big a public hazard it is when people have to smell their bad breath?

18 Still Immature: We Freeload Off Our Parents


If you think it's okay to live rent-free with your parents even when you are 38-years-old, you definitely are not an adult. Or, when you ask them to pay off your bills and send you some extra pocket money because you have zero change left to your name.

No, they aren't responsible for your well-being once you are of the working-class age. And no, they don't have to send you the money just because you didn't ask them to give birth to you.

Are we really having this conversation?

17 A+ In Adulting: We Empty The Garbage Cans When They Are Full


You are good at adulting when you don't wait for one of your housemates to come and remind you it's your turn to throw out the garbage or when the stink of it is so bad that even you can't ignore it any longer.

And you definitely don't need to be reminded to put in a fresh liner back again.

Why? Because an adult knows they can schedule it if they have a tendency to forget their chores.

16 Still Immature: Our Room Looks Like A Tornado Hit It 5 Years Ago


A mountain of soiled clothes on a forgotten chair? Check. Empty crisp packets and a stack of dirty plates under the bed? Check. Don't know what color the carpet is anymore? Double check.

You are bad at adulting when you have gotten used to living in a space so unorganized and gross that your mother would break into hives if she ever caught sight of it.

Not that she ever would. You clean up the mess once a year when your parents announce they are going to come visit!

15 A+ In Adulting: We Have Extra Towels For Guests


Well, to be honest, you are an adult if you have enough money left over to keep extra towels in stock for guests.

But the thought to use it for that purpose and not for, say, buying an extra dress, makes you an adult too.

After all, an adult knows how inconvenient it is when you have to stay at someone's place and the only extra towel they have is a tissue-paper-sized hand towel! *shakes head*

14 A+ In Adulting: The Only Drama We Want In Our Life Is That On Netflix


You are good at adulting when you don't want anything to do with bad boys (or wounded girls). When rollercoaster-ride relationships with their passionate highs and lows turn you off immediately. When you don't want to play mediator in your office fights anymore or pass on the gossip about someone you've never even met.

No, thank you! The only drama you like in your life is the kind you can turn on and off on Netflix.

13 Still Immature: We Want Whirlwind Romance And Love At First Sight


It's not love if it does not make your heart pound like a steam engine. If it doesn't give you sleepless nights where all you want to do is talk to your bae every minute of every day. If it doesn't make you forget all the problems you have in life.

That's what a romance should be. As grand as they portray in movies because that's real love.

Well, if you agreed with everything we said above, congratulations, you are bad at adulting.

12 A+ In Adulting: We Know Happily Ever After Is Hard Work


You are an adult when you appreciate the bliss of the honeymoon phase but also know that it will wear off eventually.

You are an adult when you know a happy ever after requires a lot of patience, hard work, and the ability to grow with your partner through the years.

You are an adult when you love your bae warts and all, and don't get frustrated when their personality and interests don't completely match yours. Why would it? You aren't identical twins raised by the same parents!

11 Still Immature: We Dream Of Retiring At 30 On Our Private Island


Well, there's no harm in dreaming of having your own private island and retiring at 30. You need to dream first to make it a reality.

But if have never worked hard a single day of your life or done anything make this dream come true, you will soon be sorely disappointed.

Not because life is tough. But because you don't know what it takes to reach the zenith of success or are unwilling to hustle for it.

10 A+ In Adulting: Work Comes First


When you are an adult, your professional life comes first. Unless you are supported by your partner and choose to take care of the kids at home.

Why? Because you know your neighbors or friends aren't going to pay your rent or put the food on your table. And neither is dating someone going to do so.

So while you do have other important priorities in life, like family, romance, and hobbies, your work always comes first because it gives you the money to be independent and give attention to the rest.

9 A+ In Adulting: We Can Count Our Real Friends In One Hand


Because real friends are not a dime a dozen. Nor are they the kind you make in a single day.

They are the kind you nurture over the years and know will always have your back when you are sick. They are the kind who warn you when you are about to make a big mistake or choose the wrong guy for a life partner.

They are the kind who become more family than friends.

And while that doesn't mean you aren't friendly with other people, you do know who your true friends are and who are just good acquaintances and happiness buddies.

8 Still Immature: We Want The Whole World To Like Us


Well, there's nothing wrong in wanting people to like us. Everyone wants to be well-loved.

The only difference is, an adult knows that the entire world will have never one opinion about something. Even human rights are debatable in some circles! That's why it's useless to want everyone to like us and agree with our opinions.

So if you still have that insecurity and mold yourself just to be liked by people, you definitely are not an adult.

7 A+ In Adulting: We Couldn't Care Less About What Anybody Thinks Of Us


Why would we? They don't pay our bills now, do they? Besides opinions are just a reflection of the individual's perspective.

So if you couldn't care less about what anybody thinks of you, you definitely are an adult.

And bonus points if you don't mind the critics. After all, all that matters is that you know who you are. The rest are just opinions based on half-baked knowledge.

6 Still Immature: We Constantly Interrupt People To Express Our Opinion


You are not good at adulting if you are a bad listener.

And that doesn't just mean someone who does not pay attention when someone is speaking. It also includes those who listen for a chance to speak. That is someone who interrupts another's flow just to interject their opinion or share a personal story where something similar happened to them in the past.

It's plain bad manners. And only an adult who is not an adult would not get it!

5 A+ In Adulting: We've Mastered Small Talk But Prefer Deep Conversation


The point of small talk isn't just to fill the silence between people who have just met for the first time.

It's to scope out mutual topics of interest and gauge the personality of each party involved in the conversation.

So if you have mastered the delicate art of small talk and know how to transition from it to deeper conversations at the right moment, you definitely are adulting right.

4 Still Immature: We Quote Movie Dialogues And Songs To Sound Wise


To be honest, movies and songs can be very enlightening. And they don't have to be on heavy subjects either to be so. Sometimes a wisecrack can pack a bigger punch than a solemn monologue!

Nevertheless, it's a sign of immaturity if you quote movies and songs to explain something. Why? Because it shows you don't have any real-world experience of dealing with such a matter and are just spouting off third-hand knowledge without knowing whether it actually is true or fiction.

3 A+ In Adulting: We Keep Our Promises


An adult knows the value of promises. And not just the big vows. The little ones as well.

It's because keeping your promises is a mark of dependability.

It immediately makes people trust you and know how strong your character is. Even if it's a promise to meet a date on time.

Only immature people think it's okay to break your promises because they wouldn't ask anyone to make them such a promise anyway!

2 Still Immature: Our Social Media Feeds Are TMI


You know you are bad at adulting when you feel personally affronted when your feed is filled with the vacation and 'living the good life' pictures of other people. When you count your likes and comments and cry when your latest post does not get as many reactions. When you share every little about your life, including what you had for breakfast (even if it's the same thing every day) and where you are headed to on the subway.

*rolls eyes*

1 A+ In Adulting: We Admit We Don't Know It All & Are Willing To Grow


And lastly, the biggest sign you are good at adulting is the ability to accept that it's impossible to know everything and so be willing to learn and change when new information comes in.

Even when the new information contradicts the beliefs we have had all our lives.

So if you are someone who isn't afraid of growing pains and challenges that are thrown your way, congratulations, you are an adult.

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