15 Celebs We Can't Get Enough Of On Social Media (+ 5 We Want To Hit "Unfollow")

In a lot of ways, being a celebrity in the current world is vastly different than at any other time in the past. After all, for the vast majority of recorded history, the most famous people were so far removed from the masses that they almost took on a mythical quality to them. In this day and age, however, stars routinely give the rest of us a peek into their daily lives on a regular basis. In fact, many celebrities have social media accounts where they provide constant photos of themselves and unleash their thoughts about a wide variety of topics.

For people that greatly enjoy following the personal lives of celebrities, social media can be a treasure trove of information to dive into. However, there is no doubt that some stars are much better at tackling the Internet age than others. In fact, some celebrities have made us love them all the more due to their social media antics while others have pretty much forced us to look away.

With that in mind, let's look at this list of 15 celebs we can't get enough of on social media, plus 5 who are OTT enough to make us want to unfollow them.

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20 Lena Waithe’s Instagram Has A Wonderful Aesthetic

Via Twitter.com

Someone whose career seems to still be on the rise, Lena Waithe’s rise to prominence in the media has been a delight to see since she is so talented. Introduced to many people through her role in the critically acclaimed show Master of None, in which she played a longtime friend of the main character, her work only hinted at her potential.

Her work as a writer for that show won her an Emmy, and she's the first African-American woman to win for comedy writing, as Variety notes. 

On top of following her career, Waithe’s Instagram should be tracked since her photos tend to look gorgeous and she uses her account to recommend great books to read.

19 Alison Brie Doesn’t Take Herself Or Her Famous Friends Seriously

Via zmones.lt

An actor that always seems to have multiple projects on the go at any given time, Alison Brie lent her voice to The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part on top of currently starring in BoJack Horseman and GLOW. Of course, she previously appeared in a pair of shows with dedicated followings, the cult classic comedy Community and the critical darling Mad Men in which she played a recurring role.

Best known for comedic roles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Brie exhibits an entertaining sense of humour about herself and the famous friends she has accumulated on her Instagram.

18 Way Too Many Logan Paul Tweets Are Blatant Advertisements

Via polygon.com

One of a select group of people that rose to prominence due to posting on Vine, when that platform’s popularity dwindled and it shut down Logan Paul made the transition to posting on YouTube. Able to become one of the most popular and successful personalities on YouTube since then, he even managed to headline a boxing event that was viewed by millions of people, as IOL reports. Despite that, to say that Paul is controversial is an understatement. An example of why some people passionately dislike him, Paul’s Twitter is dominated by obnoxious self-promotion and posts that can only be described as humblebrags.

17 Norman Reedus Comes Off Like A Really Great Guy On Instagram

Via Twitter.com

The star of a movie that took the film industry by storm in the late '90s, Norman Reedus’s role in The Boondock Saints earned him a loyal following that continues to this day. Currently best known for starring in The Walking Dead, in that show Reedus portrays a character that is so popular that many fans of the series promised to riot if he meets his demise, as The Hollywood Reporter states.

Someone that comes off like he is a genuinely great guy in his real life, on Instagram Reedus gives his followers a peek into his life. Consistently posting images with his loving wife and famous co-stars, he appears to really value the people around him which feels inspiring.

16 Danielle Brooks Seems To Lead A Vibrant Life On Instagram

Via Twitter.com

One of the stars of the show Orange is the New Black, in that series Brooks plays Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson, a character that has appeared in all but two episodes of this Netflix juggernaut. After notching up a Tony Award nomination for her role in a Broadway musical production of The Color Purple, Brooks is a multitalented woman. Seemingly living her best life judging by her Instagram account, Brooks posts photos of herself looking amazing on there regularly. If that weren’t enough to make us want to see more, her account also includes behind the scenes OITNB images and shots of herself with fans.

15 Elisabeth Moss Seems Very Happy on Instagram

Via Twitter.com

Someone that has to be considered to be one of the best actors of their generation, Elisabeth Moss has already won 24 different awards and has been nominated for an additional 84, as IMDb reports. Pretty much universally respected by critics and her peers alike, Moss has been incredible in shows like Mad Men, Top of the Lake and The Handmaid’s Tale. It's really nice that fans can go on Moss’s Instagram account and see how happy she seems to be in her daily life.

14 Elon Musk Seriously Needs To Filter His Twitter Posts

Via hurriyetdailynews.com

Someone who has been able to change the world through sheer ability and force of will alone, Elon Musk co-founded PayPal and a long list of other highly influential companies. Able to do those things because he doesn’t accept the world as it is, Musk’s accomplishments are only outweighed by his endless ambitions. Unfortunately, after years of building himself up to be an important voice in the realms of technology and innovation, Musk has been torpedoing his own image as of late.

Completely outspoken and at times offensive on Twitter, Musk’s tweets about private individuals and his own companies have damaged himself and everyone that owns stock in his businesses.

13 Britney Spears’s Instagram Is A Gold Mine

via instagram

At one time Britney Spears was such a big deal that it seemed impossible to pass a newsstand and not see an image of her on a variety of magazine covers. Since the early days of her career, Spears has shown an incredible amount of staying power.

Evidently happy to interact with fans online today, Spears’s Instagram account has become something of a delight.

Highlighted by things like videos of her modelling outfits, working out, dancing, painting and interacting with her kids, she also uploads many old photos that are bound to elicit nostalgic feelings.

12 Kid Cudi Loves His Fans On Twitter

Via abcnews.go.com

A group of people who’ve managed to find themselves in a position that millions of people are envious of, sometimes it is nice to see a celebrity really appreciate how fortunate they are. If that seems appealing to you, Kid Cudi’s Twitter account is bound to put a smile on your face. A rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor who put together a mixtape that caught the ear of Kanye West, as BBC reports, when he was given a chance Kid Cudi rose to the occasion and became a star.

On top of his impressive career, Cudi has seemingly managed to become an overwhelmingly positive person judging by the love he constantly throws out there through the things he tweets.

11 Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Makes Us Wish She Were Our Friend

Via thedailybeast.com

When Chrissy Teigen was chosen to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, it turned her into a star. Not content with relying on her looks alone, Teigen also served as a co-host of FabLife and Lip Sync Battle on top of making forays into the acting world. Despite all of that, there are a lot of people who would tell you that the thing they like most about Teigen is her Twitter account. Prone to posting highly relatable things, like running commentaries of her thoughts as she binges TV for hours on end, her tweets also exhibit how hilarious she can be. She's definitely not just a pretty face!

10 Stephanie McMahon’s Twitter Is Full Of Corporate Speak

Via Twitter.com

Two people that created a company which has dominated an industry for several decades, Vince and Linda McMahon’s WWE has become the worldwide leader in wrestling. Perfectly happy to follow in her parents' footsteps, Stephanie McMahon has become an on-air WWE performer and she also has risen into an executive role behind the scenes. Currently serving as the WWE’s chief brand officer, it is her job to oversee things like the company’s advertising and public relations. Unfortunately for anyone that follows her on Twitter, her account has been affected by her job since it is overrun with annoying corporate speak and ham-fisted attempts at marketing the WWE.

9 John Mayer’s Instagram Stories Are A Blast

Via YouTube.com

A talented singer, guitarist and songwriter, at one time John Mayer was one of the most in-demand musicians in the world. However, after a series of interviews in which he overshared and came off as disrespectful to some of the women he’d been romantically involved with, Mayer’s image took a serious hit. Thankfully, he has since admitted and apologized for his poor behaviour and his Instagram stories are a lot of fun.

The perfect resource for anyone that is curious about what it is like to be famous, his stories provide an inside look as he hilariously chronicles the big and small moments of his life.

8 Mindy Kaling Seems Like A Loving Mom And Friend On Instagram

Via realitytvworld.com

Introduced to many people when she was cast as one of The Office’s background characters, Mindy Kaling portrayed a materialistic person whose selfish behavior quickly brought her to the fore. Able to create and star in a show of her own after that, The Mindy Project focused on a doctor in an office full of unique people. On top of her TV credits, Kaling has had roles in films like Inside Out, Wreck-It-Ralph and Ocean’s 8.

Funny and lovable on Instagram, it also is wonderful to see Kaling enjoy being a mother and her friendship with B. J. Novak is as adorable as ever on her account.

7 DJ Khaled’s Instagram Account Is Hilariously Over The Top

via instagram

Someone that has taken on a fitting name, DJ Khaled is a highly successful disc jockey, record producer, executive and media personality. Best known for songs like “I’m the One,” “Wild Thoughts” and “For Free,” one of the trademarks of Khaled’s music is the boisterous ways he speaks about himself. Unlike some performers, he doesn’t seem to be putting on a persona as he is just as boastful online. Probably the most divisive entry on this list, if you view Khaled’s Instagram in a comedic way as we do, it is hilarious to see him post his constant joy at his extravagant life.

6 Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Posts Will Make You Cringe

Via Twitter.com

At the height of her career in the mid-2000s, at the time it seemed like Lindsay Lohan could do no wrong as she starred in many hit films and released several successful songs. Best known for movies like The Parent Trap, Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, unfortunately Lohan hasn’t appeared in a film since 2013. An indication of how far her career has fallen, these days Lohan garners headlines for her real-life antics, much of which does not cast her in the best light. In fact, her Twitter and Instagram accounts can be very cringe-inducing as she has posted one ill-advised video that made people angry after another in recent years.

5 Anna Kendrick Seems Incredibly Likeable Social Media

Via thoughtcatalog.com

An actor that seems to be capable of it all, throughout her career Anna Kendrick has played a mix of confident, hilarious and awkward characters. If that weren’t impressive enough, she has real singing chops which allows her to star in musicals and a simple little diddy she performed for the movie Pitch Pefect, “Cups,” became a hit.

Multifaceted when it comes to her social media presence also, Kendrick seems to do her best to put happiness out into the world over Twitter. That said, the reason we can’t get enough of following her is that her sense of humour and willingness to make fun of herself and everyone else is hilarious.

4 Ryan Reynolds Is Hilarious On Twitter

via instagram

Currently at the zenith of his career, Ryan Reynolds first appeared in a notable onscreen role all the way back in 1991 when he starred in the soap opera Hillside. Able to make his first real mark when he starred in the show Two Guys And A Girl, he then went on to headline movies like Van Wilder, Blade: Trinity, Just Friends and The Proposal, among others. That said, it wasn’t until he played a hilarious character in the hit movie Deadpool that he finally met his true potential as a movie star.

Known for his sarcastic sense of humour and effortless wit, even in written form over Twitter Reynolds comes across as the funniest guy in any room.

Plus, seeing his banter with his wife Blake Lively is priceless.

3 Kanye West’s Twitter Posts Are All Over the Place

Via Twitter.com

The very definition of over the top on Twitter, following Kanye West on social media can definitely be exhausting. Obviously a talented performer in the recording booth and onstage, there is no doubt that West has created a lot of songs that have connected with huge audiences who love his sound. Outside of his music career, however, West has become known for his often outrageous behaviour and that holds true when it comes to his Twitter presence. In his defense, West has been public about his mental health struggles and if that is the reason for his online choices then he shouldn’t receive any flack. Still, following West on Twitter can feel quite tiresome since he sometimes posts such extreme things.

2 Blake Lively’s Twitter Game Is On Point

Via Twitter.com

Cast as one of the lead characters in the often overwrought teen drama Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has starred in several dramatic movies like The Town, Savages and The Shallows. As a result, for a long time, very few people had any idea that Lively is a hilarious woman. Fortunately, as of late that has begun to change and a lot of that has to do with how hysterical she is on Twitter. Always more than happy to make fun of herself on social media, she has been known to taunt her own fashion choices and is all too happy to mock her famous husband, Ryan Reynolds.

1 Kristen Bell’s Instagram Posts Are Bound To Make You Smile

Via reddit.com

During her career Kristen Bell has managed to star in a long list of projects that viewers have come to care very, very deeply about. For instance, millions of kids adore the Frozen franchise and Bell's also starred in Veronica Mars and The Good Place. Equally skilled at connecting with people over social media, Bell had one of the best celebrity moments of 2018 when a fan praised the star’s beauty while degrading herself.

Having none of it, Bell found her fan’s comment and wrote in response: “dont waste time being negative. You deserve all the love in the world. And I think your face is beautiful AF,” as People reports. That small moment was big enough to make us absolutely adore Kristen Bell's online presence.

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