13 Times Kim's Social Media Was Too #Extra, 10 She Nailed It, + 2 Paparazzi Shots For Good Measure

"Sometimes, you just gotta do some things for the gram." In 2018, Kim Kardashian revealed that those "baking" Instagram pics were getting her into trouble with Kanye West, as Cosmopolitan reports. That's one bowl of brownie batter, one kitchen and one revealing bikini.

Another week, another million followers. The original selfie queen may be facing a little #Competition from Kylie Jenner, but popularity isn't something Kim is losing sleep over. 125 million of us are following Kim on Instagram.

The gram does, indeed, show us everything we ever wanted. Glam Squads. Selfies. Louis Vuitton. Babies. Whether it's Dubai skylines, waist-training selfies or just another one of those glittering Versace gowns, @kimkardashianwest is throwing us some #Attitude.

There is such thing as a little too much #Attitude, though. Kim has faced significant criticism over the years. Those risqué selfies are something that Kim maintains are in the interest of body positivity, but not everyone sees it that way. As for the walk-in closets and Lamborghinis...Well, you make up your mind.

Sometimes, it's just too #Extra. Sometimes it's just right. Sometimes, the paparazzi get there first. Here are 13 times Kim K's social media threw us too much, 10 times it was spot-on, plus two paparazzi shots for good measure.

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25 We Get It Kim, You Can Afford The Rent

via: instagram

If you sat there, desperately trying to figure out if Kim's September 2018 money dress was actually made of cash, you're not alone. This selfie followed a string of paparazzi shots of Kim dressed head-to-toe in a very dollar-centric trench and boots getup. Anastasia Beverly Hills is celebrating? As Harper's Bazaar reports, you throw her a real bash.

"What do you do when your friend sells her company for a couple billion? You wear a full money fit and throw her a party."

Kim's caption said it all. #AllKindsOfExtra

24 We Get It, You Like Louis Vuitton

via: twitter

The Internet may never get over this one. Fendi was still rising as the super-brand of 2018 when Kim posted this pic to Twitter. The monogrammed bodysuit got a few mentions, but it was those Louis Vuitton trash cans that got everyone talking.

"Twitter loses it to Kim Kardashian's Louis Vuitton Garbage Cans" was High Snobiety's headline. In Style called them "the definition of Extra." Well, that saves us outlining which side of the list this pic falls into.

23 When The Paparazzi Caught North Running The Show

via: pinterest

The paparazzi come as either amateurs or pros. The pros get shots like these– the exact moment when a toddler's facial expression can break the Internet (this kid learns from the best). Looking beyond adorable as the toddler she was back in 2015, here is North West causing a small stir.

"No daddy, it's me [sic] chain," was Kim's caption to a pic of North in this Yeezy-inspired outfit. The paparazzi got the clothes, the A-Listers and the #ToddlerStandOff in one shot.

22 When The Squashed Car On The Right Showed #Photoshop

via: instagram

If you saw this pic posted to Kim's Instagram, you might've thought, "Big deal, another pic of Kim in a parking lot. So what?" But it's when someone physically pushes your eye to the right that...seriously? Is that actually a car? It's like you would never have noticed, right? #CannotUnsee

"I only added a filter to it," Kim wrote after fans commented on the squashed car.

Refinery29 reports that Kim maintains "the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that." When your social media team includes Photoshop people, you get an #Extra.

21 #WorkoutGoals: Showing Us How It's Done

via: instagram

Something about Kim's social media team is so beyond #Goals, we wonder if execs over at Apple are head-hunting them. Kim is a huge workout girl. Those 6 a.m. Instagram stories are 100% for real – as was this beach snap of Kim and her besties working up a sweat on L.A.'s shores.

"She rarely strays from her strict diet routine," Harper's Bazaar reports. After New Year's 2019, Kim posted a snap of herself reminding us that she's "back to salads."

20 It's Like Ariana Grande With Kids (And We Love It)

via: instagram

Everyone is morphing into Ariana Grande right now. "Ariana and Jennifer Lopez have the exact same style now," W Magazine reported in 2018. "Thank u, next" might be Ari's words, but it's more like "thank u, noticing" for every other celeb.

The high ponytail and cat-wing eyeliner we're seeing in "7 Rings" seems to have struck a chord with Kim. Remember, this is a business-savvy woman who won't miss a chance to rake in on the publicity. Kim posted this pic to Instagram. Absolutely nailing it.

19 Except Ari Knows Her Limits On The Fake Tan

via: instagram

The fake tan definitely seems to be building up on Ari– is anyone getting the "too much fakery" vibe from "7 Rings?" Even Ariana Grande knows her limits, though. Kim is pretty open about getting her regular spray tan. In 2018, she posted this #YeezyDrop to Instagram.

We're seeing the pared-down style. We're "vibing" (on whatever Kim wants us to be vibing on). The tan? When you've spent the whole morning in the spray tan booth, you get your #Extra.

18 The Pic That Paid The Paparazzi Rent For A Year

via: instagram

It's a sad reality that the paparazzi can make tens of thousands from one shot. The more provocative and controversial the snap, the more cash they rake in. When Kim was papped looking worse for wear with zero makeup, the Internet went nuts.  This pic went viral, and you can guarantee that paparazzo ate well after it.

"Try not to smile, wear sunglasses, and don't chat with the paparazzi" are Kim's rules for being famous,

Daily Mail states. We'll assume Kim didn't want to chat to them here.

17 When This Is Your Kid, You've Won

via: instagram

Call her self-obsessed, but Kim's Instagram isn't 100% about herself. North, Saint and Chicago are all over the gram, and we can see why. "Before..." and "After..." were the captions to two pics of North West back in 2015. One came before the chocolate pancakes, but it's the after shot that had us raving. As a side note, we're wondering how Kourtney's gluten-free and dairy-free kids felt after seeing this.

"Step 1: Be really freaking adorable," was Elle's take on this pic.

We couldn't agree more.

16 When These Are Your Selfies, You've Conquered #RawBeauty

via: instagram

Just so you didn't have to, we took Kim's Instagram and scrolled all the way back to 2013. We saw this pic, and we just knew. If anything says "nailing it," it's posting a selfie and captioning it: "Pregnancy lips."

Kim was pregnant with North here – talk about a #Throwback. Kim is now a mother to North, Saint and Chicago (and there's that 2019-due baby we're expecting via Kim's surrogate in May). Raw beauty isn't something everyone can pull off. Kim is basically the guidebook to it.

15 The Sheer #Awesome That Was This Met Gala Selfie

via: eonline

The Met Gala bathroom has now become a #Destination. After Kylie Jenner chose it for her 2017 Met Gala selfie, millions of us took to our own bathrooms (although our squads are a touch less high-profile).

While Kylie took the pic, Kim didn't miss out on the chance to post it to the gram. Weirdly, Kourt's boyfriend, Luka Sabbat is here. More noteworthy though, are A$AP Rocky, Kendall Jenner, Diddy, Lily Aldrige and E Online's claim that Kylie "broke" the Met's no selfie rule. #AllKindsOfGoals

14 Everything About North West's Face Here

via: instagram

Kids don't hold their facial expressions forever– when they're done, they're done. Consider it a small miracle that Kourtney snapped this when she did. Kim re-posted this pic to Instagram after Kourtney, North, Kim and Penelope Disick had enjoyed a day out at Disneyland.

The outing was to celebrate Penelope's third birthday. And the #Grumpy starts to make sense in 3...2...1. North and Penelope are all kinds of BFFs, but when the spotlight is on someone else, the #Mood shows. We are beyond in love with this pic.

13 Chicago Arrives, The Entire Internet Melts

via: instagram

Chicago isn't kept out of sight as much as Stormi – there still isn't a street shot of Kylie and her baby. Well, when you're Forbes's "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire," you get to call the shots. In 2018, Kim and Kanye welcomed their third child. Chicago was named after Kanye's hometown, and she's one hometown hero.

On February 26, 2018, Chicago made her Instagram debut. Like any mini-me A-Lister, she got filter features, a Kardashian-style selfie, and all the love in the world.

We melted then, and we're still melting.

12 Vintage Versace At The Versace Mansion (But Kanye's Shoes Don't Fit)

via: instagram

When Kim makes an appearance, she does it in style. In 2018, Kim and Kanye hit the Versace Mansion in Miami for 2Chainz's wedding. Kim put on an eye-popping display as usual, but the #Extra came in honorary form – when you're at the Versace mansion, you wear Versace.

Kim's vintage Versace dress made a ton of headlines, but not as many as Kanye did here. His Louis Vuitton suit received the nod of approval, but the $150 Yeezy slides (that don't seem to fit) are what got everyone talking.

11 "When You Find Out They Don't Carry Anything Gluten-Free," Kind Of #Extra

via: instagram

Amazing. How two sisters in sweats and the world's most #Regular grocery store setting can make global headlines, we'll never know. "When you find out they don't carry anything gluten-free" was Kim's caption to this pic of herself and Kourt.

One fan agreed, as Inquisitr reports, "I get like that when @dairyqueen has no lactose-free or almond milk ice-cream available...it's 2018, stop excluding us."

Exclusion is inclusion with these two. #ExtraLikeWoah. Inquisitr reported this style as "groutfit fashion." That's anything gray, slouchy ,and grunge.

10 After The Paris Incident, Kim Tones It Right Down

via: instagram

Kim bravely returned to Paris in 2018 – the invite to the Louis Vuitton fashion show wasn't one she could turn down (and Kanye is super close to Louis Vuitton's menswear director, Virgil Abloh). The return followed an avoidance of the French city after Kim's harrowing 2016 robbery. The robbery happened and Kim went silent. The first pics after it showed us a very different woman.

Family came at the forefront of everything, and "my son" was the caption to this pic.

The glam was gone. The Lambo was nowhere to be seen. In a humble way, Kim totally nailed it here.

9 2018, It's Back To Hanging With Donatella Versace

via: instagram

Kim got real on The Ellen Show in 2017, as E! News reports her saying:

"I know this sounds crazy, but I know that was meant to happen to me." Kim said that the Paris incident experience "changed her."

The actual reality returned quickly, though. Following 2016's robbery and a string of no-frills, mostly blurry family snaps, Kim rediscovered the #Extra that defines her. By 2017, Kim was glamming it up for the Met Gala. By 2018, Donatella Versace was back in Kim's Insta shots.

8 Making Close To $1 Million For This

via: twitter

Much like Kylie, Kim is promoting a lot less these days. When you've earned "$5 million in 5 minutes," as Glamour reports, you don't need to be plugging stomach-flattening teas. Still, 2019 has thrown us a few promos from Kim, and we've cottoned onto how much she's earning.

In 2018, CNBC named Kylie Instagram's most bankable star with a $1 million price tag per sponsored Instagram post. With figures around $720,000 for Kim, the Versace is paying for itself.

7 We Need To Talk About Those Japan Outfits

via: instagram

February 2018 now feels like an era ago. It might also go down as an era– the Japan one. This high-profile trip saw Kim, Kourtney and a very pregnant Khloe travel to Japan to fly the flag for Yeezy. We got kaleidoscope outfits of neon silvers, spandex, a ton of pink hair and some very outspoken comments from Kim.

"It's actually embarrassing," Kim said on KUWTK, as People reports. "My sisters look so crazy." She then called them "clowns." The trip was #Extra, so were the outfits and so were the comments.

6 And That $50,000 Bag Kim Gave North "To Paint"

via: public

In 2014, Kim showcased a highly unusual gift from North. It came as a $50,000 Hermès purse with extra touches.

"Me and my bae out today. Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North" was Kim's Instagram caption to a pic of herself carrying a (not quite) brand new Hermès bag. North had, indeed, added the final touches, as Bustle reports. Talk about #Extra.

5 Icy-Blonde Will Forever Be #SpotOn

via: instagram

In 2018, Kim actually had to slow down on the selfies because taking so many had landed her with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We all saw that doctor on KUWTK advising Kim to take it easy. Her solution? Hire an assistant to keep up the pace.

"I've really wanted to go blonde for so long," Kris said before admitting this KUWTK look was a wig. While Kylie goes more daring with icy-blue, it's icy-blonde that lands Kim with a #SpotOn, here.

4 And This Will Forever Be #Extra

via: splash

How this woman can create so much hype over cars and hair, we'll never know. In 2018, Kim managed to get the entire Internet talking over her neon, yellow-tinted greens.

"Had to get a neon green Lambo to match my hair," Kim said, as Bustle reports. When it starts with a Lambo (and ends with a truck), you've earned an #Extra.

This Insta snap saw Kim in the Mercedes-Benz truck Kanye gifted her. If you throw your head back and laugh this much, your entire life is extra.

3 The $2.8 Million Wedding That's #Goals (But Seriously)

via: eonline

Nobody scrolls all the way down an Instagram account (well, except us). In 2014, Kim and Kanye tied the knot in what might still be the most lavish wedding to date. Kim wore custom-made Valentino– in the most beautiful way possible, the dress symbolized #Extra.

E! News reports a total price tag of $2.8 million for Kimye's wedding bash. $400,000 went to hiring the Forte di Belvedere venue in Italy, $110,000 went to catering and we got our #Instamoment from this pic.

2 #GlamSquad

via: instagram

The Kardashian glam squad has achieved one thing– taking every single other celeb out there and making them look beyond basic. "Meet Kim Kardashian's $2.6 million glam squad!" was Celebrity Nine's headline in 2013. That was before Joyce Bonelli and Scotty Cunha joined.

JLO and Ariana Grande have both posted backstage mirror pics. The brushes are there. The highlighters are laid out. When it comes to adding the #Extra to glam squads though, no-one comes close to Kim.

1 #LifeSquad

via: instagram

The Kardashians wouldn't be where they are today without each other. Khloe's Christmas wish lists include KKW Beauty products. Kim collaborates with Kylie Cosmetics. When Khloe launched her Good American line, she used Kanye's music for the promo.

This selfie of Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall and Khloe celebrated Kylie's 18th birthday. They've come a long way since, but this pic will forever remain iconic.

References: Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, High Snobiety, Bustle, E! News, People

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