13 "Grey's Anatomy" Castmates Who Are Actually Besties ( + 7 Who Avoid Each Other)

This article may completely test you about Grey's Anatomy ― if you pass it, you're a definite superfan!

For nearly 14 years, Grey's Anatomy has been such a dramatic show, which has lent to the success of Shonda Rhimes's beloved series.

We have gone through a rollercoaster ride with this show; we have gone through all the ups and the downs, through all the deaths, through all the drama and all the super-personal times with Rhimes and her crew. There is already so much drama on the show, so how could there possibly be more of it offscreen and backstage when the cameras are not rolling?

Well, if you're an avid fan of the melodrama that has taken place over the years at Seattle Grace/ Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, then you may just know that the backstage drama and scandals have been just as surprising as the show. Over the years, we have been informed of the Grey’s compelling, yet unjust and twisted drama, workplace altercations, inflated egos and stories of jealousy. There are no signs of the hospital drama stopping anytime soon, but will the offscreen drama between members of the cast truly last that much longer?

Besides the fact that many of our favourite characters have been killed off, they continue to live IRL, and some cast members are besties, while others just do not mesh well. If you’re a die-hard fan, you must read on to know who is hating and who is loving.

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20 Ellen Pompeo Was Straight Up About Her Feelings

via Just Jared

Actors who work on a series spend so much time together, you would think they'd be one big family, but that is not the case for all in the land of Grey's Anatomy!

You're either team Dr. Meredith Grey or team Dr. Izzie Stevens, because these two, if you did not know, are not totally in love with each other.

Katherine Heigl exited the show in 2010 amid controversy when she dissed Rhimes's writing. The medical drama has certainly helped her become more successful, but when she left the show, she burned bridges with her co-stars, thinking that it would light her way. Instead, when Heigl made the decision to quit, Pompeo threw shade at her career choice.

As UPI reports, she said Heigl should not have renewed her contract since "her movie career did not take off." Evidently, this did not make the two get closer.

19 Dempsey Was Too Much Of A Diva For Rhimes

via Tv Fanpage

People literally live their lives in Shondaland; we are talking about those people that are utterly obsessed with Rhimes's show.

If you know anything about this witty, hard-working, and extremely talented woman, you know that she does not take anyone's diva demands ― not even McDreamy’s.

We know that when Dempsey was killed off, our hearts beat out of our chests; we did not know what to feel, he had been a part of our lives for so long. But, Dempsey's exit was all because of Rhimes herself.

She does not feed off drama, and she does not put up with bad attitudes. Cosmopolitan reports that rumours were swirling over Dempsey being fired for acting like a diva on set!

18 Washington Rubbed Dempsey The Wrong Way

via Us Weekly

Some of the most vital characters in the high-intensity medical drama are no longer on the show, but that does not mean we don't think of them. Grey's would not have been Grey's without them.

One moment we can never forget concerns Isaiah Washington. Washington and Dempsey had a fallout after Washington spoke rudely to Dempsey on set, Cosmopolitan reports. But that wasn't the only mistake Washington made!

17 He Also Got On Knight’s Bad Side

via Instagram

Washington not only brushed people up the wrong way when he got into a dispute with McDreamy. He also made a homophobic slur against his colleague T.R. Knight. The two apparently got into an argument backstage, Cosmopolitan reports, with Washington later issuing an apology for what happened. But the damage was done.

16 Knight Packed Up Because of Rhimes

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For such a highly successful show, it is strange to think of all the controversy that has surrounded it, especially since so many of the actors were let go.

T.R. Knight pushed himself to come out about his sexuality after Isaiah Washington insulted him. And not only that, but as you may recall, after Season Five Knight was no longer a part of the medical melodrama.

He confirmed his exit, explaining that he was unhappy with his lack of screen time. As Entertainment Weekly reports, he also mentioned that he and Shonda Rhimes had had a breakdown of communication.

15 Who Even Liked Katherine Heigl?

via Instagram

Poor Rhimes ― we're sure she has wanted to reserve drama for her show only.

Heigl stirred up a lot of commotion on the show. She was quite often more than not the center of all the scandals, mostly because of her inflated ego.

Well, as we mentioned, Rhimes does not sugar-coat things, and Heigl, like Dempsey, was not her favourite. As Fox News reports, Rhimes was not afraid to express dislike for the former actress, saying, "I don’t put up with bulls–t or [mean] people. I don’t have time for it. There are no Heigls in this situation." We smell a fire ― burn, baby!

14 Sandra Oh Found A Friend In Heigl

via Instagram

Is there one cast member that the blonde rom-com star did get along with? Yes, Sandra Oh!

In July 2018, when it was announced that the talented and hilarious Sandra Oh was up for an Emmy nomination, Heigl took the time to post a picture of herself and her friend hugging. Heigl captioned the picture,

"Congrats my old friend! It’s been awhile since I last saw your lovely face but I could not be happier for you!"

Well, she at least made friends with someone on the show.

13 Sandra Oh And Ellen Pompeo Are Unbreakable

via Pinterest

If ever you wanted to look up to a friendship, the one to idolize would be between Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo ― they define the hashtag friendshipgoals.

It seems like Heigl is not the only one to share fondness for the former Grey's actress, as Pompeo has also expressed her feelings about her friend on social media.

When Oh got her Emmy nomination, Pompeo took to Twitter to express her enthusiasm for her wonderful friend. They are a true definition of the triumph of female friendship!

12 Pompeo And Her Love For Sarah Drew

via JamesNews

Last spring, Sarah Drew was written off the show due to a creative decision (unlike Heigl and Dempsey). Fans were quick to put the blame on Pompeo because of her $20 million salary, but Pompeo stressed that people should just let that go and disregard it. As Time reports, Pompeo said that the two incidents weren't linked, even though people might still think otherwise.

11 Ouch, Justin Chambers Maybe Got A Little Too Close

via The Knot News

You might have heard of the Justin Chambers infidelity rumours (FYI, he plays Dr. Alex Karev). The actor is a hunk, that is no lie, but in 2014 the well-liked "doctor" was at the center of a scandal, which accused him of betraying his wife with co-star Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo Wilson. Ouch!

The two had been spotted exchanging kisses at a bar in Los Angeles, Fame 10 reports, but their reps denied it.

10 Jesse Williams And Sarah Drew Hit It Off From The Start

via Pinterest

There are some friendships that were made on set at Grey Sloan that will certainly last a lifetime.

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew both started their journey in the medical drama at the same time, so their relationship was close-knit from the start. They instantly opened up to each other and grew an inseparable bond, and that has continued since.

If you followed the show and the actors' social media accounts religiously, you may have seen the two of them often goofing around together. When Drew left, Williams took to Twitter to express his sadness ― aww!

9 Pompeo Doesn’t Let Go Of Family

via Twitter

Another one of Pompeo's close girl friends? Jessica Capshaw, who was also sadly torn from us last spring. When Pompeo was asked about her thoughts on Capshaw's demise, she expressed how much she missed her, even though she totally comprehends how the business works in Hollywood.

As UPI reports, Pompeo said, "Saying goodbye to characters, cast mates, friends is always very hard," but we're glad the two are still amicable with each other.

8 Pompeo And Chambers Share That Sibling Love

via Pinterest

Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo are two of the most loved Grey's actors, and two of the longest standing actors on the show ― that certainly means Rhimes loves 'em.

In fact, Pompeo and Chambers are so close that when Pompeo was asked if she'd see a soulmate in Chambers's character, she immediately dismissed it. She admitted to E! News,

"Justin is one of my favorite people on the planet. We're really close, and it does feel weird. To potentially maybe have him as a love interest would be like kissing my brother." 

Meredith would probably feel the exact same way.

7 Luddington And Capshaw Should Have Their Own Comedy Show

via Instagram

We do not know what makes us crack up more about this picture: the fact that they're both still in their scrubs, or that Luddington is on the floor when there are two perfectly available chairs in the room?

Whatever makes you giggle more, it is clear that Luddington and Capshaw are too close to one another to even care whose feet are in whose face ― and we dig it!

In fact, besides the fact that they look like a bunch of millennials texting when they are in each other's company, we are quite envious of their friendship. The two have shared endless photos of themselves having a ball and being hysterical together offscreen, and you know what they say? Laughter is the best medicine!

6 He Ain’t So Dreamy In Pompeo’s Eyes

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If you ever run into Dempsey, whatever you do, do not mention Pompeo's name to him ― we warned you. McDreamy's death was a definite tragedy, and we saw a devastated and torn apart Meredith Grey, but IRL, Pompeo had no remorse or pain when Dempsey was gone.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners were playing these two actors against each other, such as by how they'd threaten Pompeo by saying if she didn't renew her contract on the show, they always had Dempsey to rely on.

"They did [it] for years. I don't know if they also did that to him, because he and I never discussed our deals," Pompeo said. "There were many times where I reached out about joining together to negotiate, but he was never interested in that."

We're glad Pompeo stood her ground, though.

5 These Two Foxy Ladies Define Friendship

via Twitter

Whenever we see Debbie Allen and Chandra Wilson onscreen or offscreen, we get all the feels. We are pretty sure that if all doctors were as hip, calm and cool as these two ladies, we would want to visit the hospital more regularly.

As you may have guessed, these two, who both started appearing on the show in 2005, are two loving and adorable friends! One does not come without the other ― they are basically a package deal.

Wilson and Allen have gotten together on many occasions to try and help out those in need, like the time that Texas was hit by the tropical storm, Harvey. And, you can catch them being hilarious together on social media!

4 Sandra Oh And Her “Babe”

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What was more genius on Grey's than Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt's one-of-a-kind relationship? Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd’s friendship.

If you have time for long stories, we could explain this in-depth relationship, but if not, we will summarize by letting you know that in real life, these two are super close friends.

This friendship is the type that every woman needs in her life, a friendship with a man that is purely and strictly platonic. You may have been left picking up the pieces off the floor when Oh was written off the show because of Cristina and Owen's intense relationship, but you can at least find comfort in their tightness in real life.

Just take a look at their Twitter accounts and you'll smile and gush at their cuteness as best friends.

3 Jerrika Hinton Knew She’d Love Luddington

via Pinterest

All hail Jo Wilson and Stephanie Edwards. What would Grey Sloan have been without the initial interns?

Warning: do not read on if you have not binge-watched up until Season 13 because there is a spoiler alert ahead!

As Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy came and left, another cast member did too, the lovely and talented Jerrika Hinton. The cast had to bid farewell to another family member, but it was not Luddington's final goodbye to Hinton.

As Hinton told Glamour about her first day on set with Luddington, "My first impression was that we were going to get along great."

You know what they say about first impressions!

2 Who Doesn’t Love Wilson?

via Sandra Oh

Cast member exits on the show have been as common as people going to the ER for no absolute reason (we're talking in real life here). However, one strong, brilliant and fierce surgeon stood her ground at Grey Sloan, and that is Dr. Miranda Bailey, played by Chandra Wilson.

Wilson, who has been there from the start, plans on staying until the very final episode, as Bustle reports. She has admitted that she has seen all the actors come and go, and learned what is wrong from right, as well as how it takes great stamina to play the same character for so many years - it's 15 for her!

1 We All Need A Ramirez And Walsh In Our Lives

via Pinterest

Let us end this list with a real #throwback. This post is about to make you feel super nostalgic.

Kate Walsh was not loved among many of her Grey's colleagues, but one girl who always had her back was her co-star Sara Ramirez.

When Walsh was no longer on Grey's, Ramirez was not shy to admit to People, "I am going to miss her ... [Kate] is an enormously talented woman, and I think she is so much fun to watch. I wish her continued success."

And the two know how to have a good time, as their Twitter accounts have shown us. On many occasions, the duo that has kept in touch have put their dancing shoes on together!

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