12 Astro Sign Combos That Won't Make It Past The Friend Zone (& 12 That Will Be Something More)

Some couples just seem destined to be together, and when they meet, it’s magnetic — they can’t stay away. Others seem to be compatible in some ways, and although one might be attracted to the other, they just don’t have the chemistry. This is how people end up falling into “the friend zone” — they become close with someone they could see themselves with, but the other person recognizes that they are not quite right for each other. Needless to say, it’s really no fun to be in this position, but it happens all the time. Some people are meant to fall in love, while others are simply meant to be friends.

How can you tell which people will feel the chemistry with you and which ones will be merely compatible? How do you know when sparks are going to fly? Well, it seems like the stars actually have a little something to do with it. It’s not all random — sometimes, two people just share the same destiny, and it’s like nothing can pull them apart, no matter what happens.

Here are 12 astro sign combos that won’t make it past the friend zone—and 12 that will definitely become something more.

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24 Friend Zone: Cancer Girl And Gemini Guy


There is something about a Cancer girl that just draws in a Gemini guy — maybe it’s because of the fact that their personalities are polar opposites that causes him to feel so attracted to her. Or maybe it’s because she is just so genuinely sweet and kind that he can’t resist getting to know her. But Cancer girls and Gemini guys don’t make the best match, and although he can’t recognize this right off the bat, she can. She’s going to be too serious for him, and she knows he won’t be able to commit to her like she wants.

23 Something More: Taurus Girl And Virgo Guy


A Taurus girl and a Virgo guy have so much in common right off the bat. Seriously, these two just don’t know how they could ever stay away from each other. When they meet and look into each other’s eyes, they know that there is something special between them. The fact of the matter is that these two earth signs will always be on the same page, about practically everything.

It’s what makes them work so well together — they barely have to say a word, and they will already know what the other is thinking.

They will always be connected.

22 Friend Zone: Aquarius Girl And Libra Guy


Aquarius women have a way of friend-zoning the men that try to date them — make no mistake, these women are highly selective, and they do not lower their standards for anyone. They will always be the kind of women who do not settle.

For some reason, Libra men tend to love Aquarius women precisely because they can see how confident and comfortable they are with themselves.

But Aquarius women aren’t really interested in Libra men — they rarely share the same interests, and an Aquarius woman really wants to be with someone with whom she can indulge in all of her hobbies.

21 Something More: Leo Girl And Capricorn Guy


You might not expect a Leo woman and a Capricorn guy to get together and feel like a match made in heaven — but it happens more often than you might think! What makes a Leo woman so attracted to a Capricorn guy?

Sure, she may have a more active social life than he does and he is certainly more introverted than her, but at the end of the day, he can match her ambition, and that’s something that a Leo woman is really looking for in a man.

Simply put, she needs a guy who can keep up with her.

20 Friend Zone: Gemini Girl And Cancer Guy


Surprisingly, a Gemini girl and a Cancer guy can often make good friends — as they say, opposites do attract! And although they will probably be attracted to each other, it just won’t work out the way that Cancer guy wants it to. Why is that? Well, he will end up lusting after his Gemini friend, but she is just way too much of a social butterfly for him — she will always want to go out, but he would much rather stay in and relax. Unfortunately, this ends up making them pretty incompatible, so they end up keeping things in the friend zone.

19 Something More: Pisces Girl And Scorpio Guy


A Pisces girl and a Scorpio guy simply won’t be able to stay away from each other. Try as they might, the attraction will just be way too strong. The two of them may try to be “just friends” for a little while, but they are lying to themselves — they won’t be able to resist each other.

They will always be drawn to each other in some way, and eventually, they will end up admitting to each other just how strong their feelings are.

The two of them will probably be one of those couples that gets "happily ever after."

18 Friend Zone: Taurus Girl And Leo Guy


A Leo guy is used to having every woman in the room want him — but unfortunately for him, a Taurus girl won’t be one of them. She is too confident and secure in herself to rush into the arms of a Leo guy who is trying to impress her. Now, do the two of them work as friends? Actually, yes, they do. They tend to get along quite well, and they always have plenty to talk about. But there is simply no way that they can date — they would end up getting way too competitive with each other over time.

17 Something More: Sagittarius Girl And Scorpio Guy


Now, this is one of those couples that can drive everyone around them crazy, but despite it all, they still love each other.

When a Scorpio guy and a Sagittarius girl get together, they end up having one of those passionate relationships that may not last forever, but it will certainly teach them both lessons about love.

They will eventually go their separate ways in the end, but they will never forget each other or the times that they shared. Although their romance is not forever, they will always remember that their relationship was worth it.

16 Friend Zone: Capricorn Girl And Pisces Guy


If a Capricorn woman happens to become friends with a Pisces man, she will instantly be attracted to him — but unfortunately, he will not feel the same way about her. She sees him as a way to escape the very serious routines she has created for herself, but he only sees her as a friend. Eventually, she will wise up and realize that he’s right, and they’re not meant to be a couple. But she definitely admires the fact that he is a free spirit, and he helps her discover a new, carefree side of herself through their casual friendship.

15 Something More: Scorpio Girl And Capricorn Guy


This one might seem like an odd match in theory, but somehow it works in practice. A Scorpio woman and a Capricorn guy intrigue each other simply because they are so different — and at first, that’s the only reason why they’re interested in each other. But as time goes on, they realize that they actually do have strong feelings for each other — feelings that they just can’t seem to deny, no matter how hard they try. And so the two of them will end up together, and they will be happier than they could have imagined. They balance each other out.

14 Friend Zone: Libra Girl And Aries Guy


Unfortunately for the Aries guy who befriends the Libra girl, yet hopes for a little something more, it’s probably not going to happen.

A Libra girl will always enjoy a friendship with an Aries guy — he gets her out of her shell and encourages her to be a little more outgoing — but she does not view him as the kind of guy that she would date.

She is looking for someone who is a bit more serious, and he’s just not the one for her. He’ll be let down for sure, but he will move on to the right girl for him.

13 Something More: Pisces Girl And Aquarius Guy


There is an undeniable attraction between a Pisces girl and an Aquarius guy.

This water sign and air sign combo will have everyone else feeling a little jealous of their deep connection.

An Aquarius guy will understand a Pisces girl’s wildest dreams, and she will listen in carefully when he talks about all of his interests. They just seem to “get” each other right off the bat, and everyone around them can see that what they have is real. This is the kind of couple that just might end up at the altar saying “I do” one day in the future.

12 Friend Zone: Virgo Girl And Pisces Guy


For some reason, whenever a Pisces guy meets a Virgo girl, he just can’t get enough of her. Sure, she is the exact opposite of his personality — and maybe that’s why he finds himself so drawn to her. Unfortunately for him, she doesn’t quite feel the same way.

She (correctly) assumes that she really wouldn’t be such a great match for him because they value different things in life, and although it pains him to admit it, eventually he has to come to this realization.

Their friendship might not last after that, but he will learn an important lesson.

11 Something More: Gemini Girl And Sagittarius Guy


Will a Gemini girl and a Sagittarius guy ever make it official between them? Well, no, but they certainly will not stay in the friend zone, either. These two will dance around their feelings for each other for a little while, but eventually, they will admit what all of their friends have already picked up on — they definitely have feelings for each other. They’re both so laid back that ultimately, they may not decide to even put a label on it, but they will set each other’s worlds on fire. The two of them have a very deep, loving bond.

10 Friend Zone: Scorpio Girl And Taurus Guy


A Taurus guy will be so attracted to the emotional intensity of a Scorpio woman, but she knows right from the start that it isn’t meant to be. She knows that if they were really together, and he had to be her shoulder to cry on, that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He doesn’t quite see it that way, and he wishes that she would just take a chance on him, but the fact of the matter is that she knows better than to go for it. She knows that they would both just end up getting hurt.

9 Something More: Libra Girl And Cancer Guy


For some reason, the Libra girl and Cancer guy combo just seems to work out really well. The two of them have the same priorities: they both want to do all kinds of cute couple activities together, go on fun dates, meet each other’s families and eventually, settle down and move in with the one they love.

When they get together, everything just feels so easy. They don’t worry about whether or not the other has the same feelings — they are open and honest with each other right away.

They just don’t make each other play any silly guessing games.

8 Friend Zone: Aquarius Girl And Sagittarius Guy


There is just something about a Sagittarius guy that gets even a stoic Aquarius woman interested in what he might bring to the table. But at the end of the day, she is way too mature for him. She can’t help but notice his charm, and she’s definitely not immune to it— after all, he’s got flirting down to a science — but after a while, she will have to open her eyes to the fact that the two of them are just not totally compatible. She is ready for something more serious, while he just wants to have another fling.

7 Something More: Aries Girl And Taurus Guy


An unexpected match? Oh, for sure — no one would think that an Aries girl and a Taurus guy would get together. But somehow, they do work pretty well together. None of their friends really see it coming, but the two of them find that they definitely have an attraction to each other that seems to go beyond “just friends” — and why not act on it?

An Aries girl will bring a Taurus guy on all sorts of adventures, while the Taurus guy will keep her a little more grounded.

They complement each other so well, and their love is so real.

6 Friend Zone: Sagittarius Girl And Leo Guy


A Sagittarius girl just wants to keep things casual — but a Leo guy wants a committed girlfriend he can show off to the world. Yes, he will fall for this girl, but she will see that they are not on the same page. She will have to let him down easy, and she will feel bad about it, because he’s quite a catch, but she has to be honest with him and let him know that he is simply not right for her. It's not anyone's fault, it's just the reality of the situation.

5 Something More: Virgo Girl And Libra Guy

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A Virgo girl and a Libra guy just seem to work together — it’s obvious to anyone who knows these two. They hit it off right from the start, and they become fast friends, but underneath it all, they can’t help but feel something more for each other. They might try to ignore the butterflies, but eventually, they will confess their feelings — and they will both be so relieved to hear that they weren’t imagining the connection they share. The two of them get along so well that being together just seems to make sense — these two will be a happy couple.

4 Friend Zone: Leo Girl And Virgo Guy


Unfortunately, the Virgo guy who happens to fall for the Leo girl doesn’t end up getting exactly what he wished for. It’s easy to see the appeal from his perspective: a Leo woman is dedicated to what she wants, ambitious and social. She has so much of what he wants, and a little more — she’s the real deal.

But she’s not really looking for a guy who takes life as seriously as a Virgo man does.

She needs a little bit more excitement and spontaneity in her life, and her Virgo guy friend just isn’t the one to fill that role.

3 Something More: Capricorn Girl And Aries Guy

We Heart It

Yes, this combo might seem like it’s a crazy idea, but it all works out for these two. A Capricorn girl and an Aries guy have a bond that many people just can’t explain. They may not seem like they would have anything in common, but that’s exactly why they enjoy each other’s company so much. They learn so much from each other every single day, simply because they see life so differently. They know that they are growing as people just by being together, and they see no reason why that should stop. They are such a dynamic duo.

2 Friend Zone: Cancer Girl And Gemini Guy


A Cancer girl knows what’s best for her — and she knows that a Gemini guy isn’t going to be the one. She is way too sensible about what she really wants out of life to go for him. She knows that no matter how much he likes her, he just isn’t going to be the right guy.

He is too extroverted, she is too introverted. He likes to go out, she likes to stay in. He loves having a big group of friends, she would much rather hang out with two or three people who she is super close to.

These two are best left in the friend zone.

1 Something More: Aries Girl And Aquarius Guy


An Aquarius guy will have his work cut out for him if he wants to date an Aries woman. If he plays his cards right, he will find a way to her heart. And once the sparks start flying, it’s impossible to put them out.

These two will be the couple that makes it work through every obstacle, and he will stay by her side through thick and thin.

They are inseparable, and there is basically nothing that could come between them. They don’t have much in common, but they will always celebrate the differences and their little flaws. It makes their relationship even more special. 

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