11 Male Celebs Who Are Bigger Divas Than Their Ladies (+ 9 Women Who Are OTT)

 "The diva has landed." When hotel staff freaked out over the 20 kittens, 100 doves and confetti-shaped butterflies requested for Mariah Carey's arrival, they probably thought what we all do: Mariah tops the Celeb Diva list, although let's be honest: she's not alone when it comes to the #Demands.

Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were both accused of acting like it's a hospital, not a hotel during their baby births, as can be seen in a Baby Gaga report. JLO reportedly "ghosts" flight attendants on her private jet, as Radar Online reports. So far, we're seeing #GirlsGirlsGirls. The guys are right there with them, though.

Justin Bieber has made his fair share of diva headlines. While Eminem and Drake's humble dressing-room demands put them at the opposite end of the spectrum, they're still forming one of two extremes. It's when you look at diva antics from a couples viewpoint that it turns really interesting, though.

Power couples are running Hollywood. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West handle reality and rap. Beyonce and Jay-Z handle hip-hop. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have more of a #Youthful edge, but they're still a power couple.

It's time to take a closer look at who the real diva is. Here are 11 celeb couples where the guy is a giant diva, plus nine where he's actually completely humble - and letting his diva partner take the spotlight.

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20 Kanye West Is Out-Doing Kim By Miles

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Take one look at Kim Kardashian, and you'll see glam. Kim rides around in a Rolls Royce Ghost, her extensions change as frequently as her outfits and that Versace comes custom-made. The diva in this couple? That husband of hers.

Kanye demands imported black Versace towels. His black carpets can't be too bumpy,

GQ reports. The man whose backstage demands include a cracker tray covered in plastic wrap, as Celebsnow reports, is more than out-doing his wife on the diva front.

19 Watch Out, Hailey, The Biebs Comes With A #Diva

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Justin Bieber started out as a regular Canadian kid growing up on hard times. With memories of ordering water instead of soda at restaurants, Justin didn't have it easy, IB Times reports. Times have changed.

Organic bananas, Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt, fridges that must be glass and an escort of no less than 10 luxury sedans are just a handful of the diva demands that IB Times has reported.

Justin's new wife, Hailey Baldwin, may get to share the backstage jacuzzis that Justin requires, but this marriage is showing us one thing– Justin is the diva, here.

18 JLo's "Meltdowns" Make A-Rod Seem Humble

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Jennifer Lopez built her career on a real image that came with its "Jenny From The Block" lyrics. Ironically, the star who maintains that she's "not a diva" has wound up topping lists on that very subject. Jen's boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, might wear sleek suits, but it's Jen's demands that make headlines.

Seven limousines to travel three blocks, as The Richest reports– "Jenny From The Block" has earned herself a reputation.

Two-page hotel room demands, "meltdowns" if her sunflower seeds lack shells, dual-oscillating fans in her 80-degree rooms and reports of getting hotel staff fired for requesting autographs

The Richest and The Daily Mail had plenty to write about with Jen.

17 Kylie "Chauffeured One Block," Travis Just Walks

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Kylie Jenner has come a long way. Formerly 100% the spoiled teenager, Kylie has stepped up to the plate as a mommy to Stormi. That said, this girl isn't above being a diva.

Kylie's 2015 Ellen appearance saw her refuse to use Ellen's hair and makeup crew, along with having two VIP parking spots because she "did not want to walk from the parking structure to the studio, which is less than one block away," Cosmopolitan reports.

Travis Scott? He seems to walk the streets like a regular person.

16 Bey & Jay: 99 Problems And A Diva Is One

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With $1.16 billion to their names, as Forbes reports, Beyonce and Jay-Z are rich enough to afford virtually everything. Hint: neither Bey nor Jay scrimp on the luxuries. Hand-carved ice balls to "cool her throat" were part of The Daily Mail's report covering Bey's diva demands.

Those ice balls accompany $900 titanium straws and the demand that all crew members wear 100 percent cotton.

Capital Xtra reports that Jay-Z requests $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles and things that make sense, such as no sharp corners in the room (which is good considering their kids are always accompanying them on tour). Given Bey's demands, he's the humble one here.

15 Ariana & Pete: Did It Crumble Because Ari "Won't Be Photographed From The Right?"

via: usweekly

We'll always love Ariana Grande. When Carpool Karaoke's James Corden asked Ari about insisting on being carried– she confirmed that she'd been doing a shoot in pointe shoes and her toes "were bleeding." Ari then went and made the whole thing more awesome by getting James to carry her into Starbucks, as USA Today reports.

Refusing to be photographed from the right, The Huffington Posts reports about Ari. Her photographer, Chris Pavlich, then said Ari was "checking each frame," as Orlando Style magazine reports.

Ari and Pete split in 2018. Relationship woes were likely the reason, but was this guy put off by dating a bit of a diva?

14 Bella Hadid & The Weeknd: Chill Names Don't Equal Chill Demands

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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are the #2019Ready couple who come with the athleisurewear, the cool vibes and apparently way less drama than Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. Not much is said about The Weeknd's demands, but we've done our research.

A huge 100'' screen "shipped into his compound" to "relax and play Mario Kart" before his show.

The Weeknd chills out in style, as Wet Paint reports. Bella might swan around in Louis Vuitton, but we're getting stronger diva vibes from her man.

13 Khloe & Tristan: He's A Handful, But It's A Two-Way Street

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thomspon made more headlines for their pre-birth drama than the actual arrival of their daughter, True. While Tristan didn't come with a #BestBehaviour, it's Khloe who's winding up with the diva label. Gossip Cop reports:

"They're acting like it's a hotel, rather than a hospital." Khloe joins Kylie in earning a reputation for demanding birth requests –  including 1,000 thread-count sheets.

Khloe lives the high life. She's got the Kardashian millions, the glam squads and the designer bags. Tristan might be a handful to deal with, but Khloe is out-doing him on the diva front.

12 The Rock: More Of A Reputation Than You'd Think

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is loved for a reason. The strongest man in Hollywood has as much personality as he has muscles, and you don't get immediate diva vibes from this guy.

Kevin Hart has been dishing the dirt on Dwayne's "diva behaviour," though. "I like to use my legs when we're walking about a hundred feet,"

Uproxx reports Kevin saying about The Rock on the Jumanji set. "He gets in the backseat of the car and he drives by me while I'm walking and looks at me like I'm stupid!"

Dwayne is dating Lauren Hashian (who is mostly famous for her boyfriend). There's also Dwayne's 40,000 lbs "traveling gym," Men's Health reports.

11 Kaley Cuoco "Flips Out," Billionaire Husband Seems Humble

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With her morning yoga runs, super-chill wardrobe and horse-loving selfies, Kaley Cuoco gives a #FirstImpression of being anything but a diva. That $1 million per episode might have gone to Kaley's head though, so IB Times reports.

Kaley "flips out" over wardrobe, hair and catering, the media outlet reports. Co-star Mayim Bialik is said to avoid speaking to Kaley "unless it's necessary."

Kaley is married to a billionaire heir, Karl Cook. While you'd think the billionaire would come with the stringent demands, the reports suggest it's the other way around.

10 Ed Sheeran: Couldn't Be A Diva If He Tried

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Seriously, just look at the guy. A little scruffy (but still managing to get every girl #Swooning), Ed Sheeran comes as one ginger-haired, perma-grinning package. As the highest grossing tour artist of 2018, this guy has a lot of reasons to smile.

"Got myself a fiancé," Ed posted on Instagram, as BBC reported. Turns out, they're both the biggest normies ever.

When Joe covered Ed's backstage demands, they called his Diet Coke, peanut butter and banana requests "ordinary." Ed's requests are literally just a bunch of fruit, Ocean Spray and sodas.

9 Kevin Hart: Wife's Taller, But He's The Diva

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Kevin Hart is one of the funniest guys around. Humour doesn't cover everything up, though. It didn't cover up the infidelity rumours he admitted to, although Kevin and his wife, Eniko, now appear #Solid.

He's got 140 "roamers" whose "sole purpose is to walk up and down a venue's stairs and hallways in search of anyone armed with a phone?" #Diva

The Smoking Gun published Kevin's tour rider demands, where a list of adult beverages accompanied this bizarre request. Shorter than his wife he may be, but Kevin's demands stand out here.

8 Lady Gaga: We're Already Wondering How Christian Will Cope

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With #NoMakeUp selfies that show us a bare-faced beauty (and that 30th birthday cake slice), we fell in love with Lady Gaga just like her fiancé, Christian Carino, did. This girl doesn't come without her diva demands, though.

One "mannequin with puffy pink [adult] hair," Queen posters, and a green room stocked with 28 room-temperature water bottles formed part of Glamour's list covering Gaga's demands.

Admittedly, the veggie hot dogs on toothpicks are cute, but the flax seeds with "no more than 4 grams of sugar" are less easy-going. Gaga is now engaged. Christian has one option, here. Adjust to the diva.

7 Scott Disick: Sofia Richie Seems To Be Coping

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You'd need to be living under a rock not to have realized that Scott Disick has a touch of #Attitude. Admittedly, the guy also has buckets of charm. He won Kourtney Kardashian over years ago, although his current lady is model Sofia Richie.

Scott Disick flies by private jet. His shirts are a never-ending carousel of Gucci logos. His jackets come with more Louis Vuitton monograms than Ariana Grande has tattoos.

Scott doesn't make diva statements, per se, but just look at the guy. Confidence on that level, fast cars, fancy restaurants and #DesignerEverything have made it clear. The man is a bit of a diva.

6 Gigi & Zayn: #MaleGrooming Takes On A Whole New Level

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Quite where Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are in their relationship is anyone's guess. Following Christmas and New Year's apart, Cosmo reported that this couple is #BackOff in early January 2019. Neither have confirmed a split, though.

Gigi is a supermodel who owns her designer outfits and jet-set lifestyle like the A-Lister she is. Her boyfriend? Zayn might be a bit of an introvert, but he's a style icon (and he knows it).

Take a careful look at him (drooling optional). Zayn's outfits are meticulous. His hair is beyond perfect. Everything from his style to his signature edge is throwing us slight diva vibes here.

5 David & Victoria Beckham: Just When You Thought She's The Diva

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Victoria Beckham has explained over and over– she doesn't smile, but she's smiling inside. "Fashion stole my smile" are even the tees you'll see from this former Posh Spice, as Vanity Fair reports.

While Victoria goes high-end with her outfits and facial expressions, you'd be surprised to hear about David. David "acts like a diva" made The Mirror's headlines when he appeared on The Ellen Show and "pranked" a masseuse during a hidden camera skit.

Plus, just look at the guy. With that carefully-timed stubble, those edgy tattoos and the superstar feel, you can't say that David doesn't have a tiny bit of an ego.

4 Jonathan Cheban: Lots Of Ladies, But He "Only Works On New York Time"

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Jonathan Cheban must have something very special about him– you don't get to be Kim's BFF from being a "Food God" alone. This guy pops his head into KUWTK when Kim needs him, and we'll admit, he's a pretty charming guy. The Mirror reports:

Jonathan "only works on New York time and requires regular IV drips in his hotel suites. #Wow.

Jonathan has been linked to a string of ladies (mostly spotted on dinner dates). In January 2019, another "mystery lady" made Radar Online's headlines. For The Mirror though, Jonathan is reality TV's "most demanding" star.

3 Corey Gamble: Upped The Versace The Day He Started Dating Kris Jenner

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Kris Jenner continues to defy speculation that her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, is just a "toy boy." With a relationship that's been going solid for over four years, this 63-year-old Kardashian "momager" might have a younger man, but she's called him her "ride or die."

Corey Gamble mostly keeps a low profile – except when it comes to the designer gear. Take one look at this guy's Instagram and you'll see the Rolex watches, Versace clothes, and tailored suits.

Living the high life is definitely a perk of dating a Kardashian. Corey might not make headlines for particular demands, but there's no denying that his vibe sends off a touch of the #Diva.

2 Paris Hilton: When The $2 Million Ring Is "Mine" After Splitting, You're The Diva

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This time last year, Paris Hilton was still going strong with Chris Zylka. Following a proposal (which was accepted) and a $2 million ring (which she's keeping), 2018 saw this couple call time on their engagement. Paris doesn't walk away from the table empty-handed, though.

"It's mine," Paris told TMZ about her decision to keep the engagement ring. The 20-carat ring does, indeed, seem to say, "Diamonds are forever."

Paris earns her own cash. Her fragrances and DJ sets don't put this heiress in the "relying on daddy" pile, but you've got to admit. Keeping the ring just says: "Diva."

1 Chris Pratt: Katherine Schwarzenegger #NewlyEngaged To The Most Humble Guy Ever

via: peopledotcom

2019 has brought us fresh news from Chris Pratt. The Guardians of the Galaxy star is now engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger, and we've got to say, these two seem perfect. Chris might be worth millions, but there isn't a diva streak to be seen.

Let's set the record straight. Chris Pratt started out homeless serving Bubba Gump Shrimp and living out of a van, as The Daily Mail reports. This guy is humble as they come.

Chris recently posted an Instagram video showing #MovingTime. The Chevy truck might be new, but the scruffy beard and baseball cap make things clear. This guy hasn't forgotten his humble roots.

References: Baby Gaga, Radar Online, GQ, IB Times, The Richest, The Daily Mail

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