11 Celebs Who Are Besties With JLo (+ 9 Who Aren't Fans Of Jenny From The Block)

There's a reason Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and the Kardashian-Jenners pick their friends carefully. When you're rich, beautiful, and successful, everyone wants to be your BFF.

At the age of 49, Jennifer Lopez remains one of the greatest icons ever. Those stars who were "big in the 2000s?" We still love Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, but their Instagram followings officially plateaued ages ago. Despite an upcoming 50 candles on the cake in 2019, JLo's influence and popularity are still sky-rocketing. Over 85 million of us are following JLo on IG.

"Jenny From The Block" has her friends, but not everyone is a fan. With a personality as big as her diva reputation, Jen has managed to alienate a fair few celebs over the years. It isn't Jen's style to feud publicly with stars, but the beef is there.

JLo has her fingers in a lot of pies – Second Act, Shades of Blue, World of Dance, plus music and fashion. Her social life is about to get very clear, though.

Here are 11 celebs who are huge fans of "Jenny From The Block" (plus 9 who keep their distance).

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20 "Oh Hello Cutie, Love This One @ArianaGrande"

via: instagram

"Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez Have The Exact Same Style." In 2018, W Magazine published an entire string of pics of JLo with an interesting title. Jen may be pushing 50, but her #2019 style of ponytails, high-top buns, and over-the-knee boots are sending us major Ari vibes.

And that's probably because they two hang close. "Oh Hello Cutie, Love This One @ArianaGrande" was the caption of this pic from JLo's Instagram.

Ari and JLo just fit, right? Similar personalities see these two rocking a #Sweetheart, but the #IronWill backs it up. Thanks for getting us off to a good start, guys.

19 Rihanna: Called JLo "Desperate"

via Urban Islandz

If you've sensed a frosty vibe between JLo and Rihanna, it might be due to a little beef that dates back to 2016. Drake was in the picture as RiRi's rumored boyfriend. He wound up backstage with Jen in Las Vegas, pics got uploaded to social media, and the hugging seemed to #TouchANerve. In Touch Weekly reported:

Rihanna dubbed JLo "desperate" and a "traitor." In December 2016, RiRi unfollowed Jen on Instagram.

We did a little research of our own. @badgirlriri is still not following @jlo on IG. That #lovehim from Jen's pic might still sting.

18 The Rock: "@JLo, #Sistah"

via: instagram

Oh, are these two #WorkoutGoals. If The Rock is flying the flag for male fitness, he has 100% found his female equivalent. With toned biceps, triceps, abs, and the pics to prove it, JLo is pretty much wiping the floor with celebs half her age.

"Just a couple of gym rats getting it in! @therock thanks for the love and positive energy" was JLo's caption to a selfie that formed the first of several workout pics from these two in 2018.

In this pic, Dwayne called Jen his "gym beast" on Instagram. #Sistah isn't a hashtag The Rock picks for everyone. Besties who train together stay together.

17 Taylor Swift: All Quiet Since 2013, #SteeringClear?

via: pinterest

Taylor Swift pics her squad carefully. It was all James Corden could talk about when Selena Gomez hopped in his car for Carpool Karaoke, although Selena confirmed she'd like to be considered an "OG" member. JLo? You don't see her in Taylor's epic group selfies (or any others for that matter).

JLo and Taylor performed on stage together back in 2013. You don't need to be a Hollywood insider to know that 2013 is a hundred years ago in this industry.

E Online even questioned whether these two were feuding back in 2013. Models and girls her own age? Yes. JLo? Tay-Tay seems to have moved on.

16 Ellen DeGeneres: Pics Make The #Love Pretty Clear

via: instagram

Ellen DeGeneres has the kind of job where everyone seems to be her friend. That couch welcomes A-lister after A-lister, but the actual friendships aren't what they seem. In 2018, Ellen turned 60. Her birthday guest list included Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, James Corden, Leo DiCaprio, and yes, JLo, Daily Mail reports. "Tomorrow I get in bed with @JLO. You heard me," Ellen captioned this pretty amusing pic. It was ahead of Jen's 2018 appearance on The Ellen Show. Couches? That's for regular friends. The besties get the #EllenBed treatment.

15 Mariah Carey: "I Don't Know Her"

via instagram

When celebs throw shade, they throw it in style. Mariah Carey is one year younger than Jen. With a career that definitely says: "I was huge in the '90s (and kinda not so much anymore)," Mariah's legendary streak comes with a touch more of the #Yesteryear than JLo.

"I don't know her," Mariah said with crystal-clear simplicity to a German reporter, The Guardian reports. JLo shrugged it off in 2013 saying there's no feud, but she sent the shade back subtly.

When an IG user called Mariah's New Year performance a ["trainwreck"], JLo liked the post, Harper's Bazaar reports. #MicDrop

14 Jenna Dewan: Only Signed Up To Hang Out With JLo

via: people

It's a pretty simple deal. If you're a dancer in any shape or form, you've probably been looking up to JLo since day one. Jenna Dewan is right there with you.

"In awe of Jennifer Lopez" is how Toronto.com reported Jenna Dewan being – in fact, Jenna "only signed up for World of Dance to hang out with JLo."

"I've looked up to her my whole life. I need her secret.

I'm telling you, half the reason I did this show was to find out Jennifer's secrets and I haven't done it yet," ET reports Jenna saying.

13 Nicki Minaj: "I Don't Know If There's Room For Both Of Us"

via: instagram

Come to think of it, is there room?JLo may give off sweetheart vibes, but there's an ego and a half under there. Precisely what Nicki Minaj comes with (minus the #Sweetheart). In 2012, Nicki and JLo appeared together on American Idol.

Nicki: "JLo, can you scoot over a little bit?" JLo: "I don't know if there's room for both of us." That's pretty #Frosty.

The Hollywood Reporter covered this less-than-bestie moment, including Nicki's backstage rant after. "She didn't seem to be having it, but she's going to have it." These two clashed again in 2015 with a cryptic and slightly shade-throwing tweet from Nicki.

12 Cardi B: The Bronx Girls Hang Tight

via: bustle

Cardi B is 26 years old. When Cardi joined a 49-year-old JLo for "Dinero," nobody was talking about the age gap.

"Put it to your head like give me what you got/ Two bad [...] that came from the Bronx/ Cardi from the pole and Jenny from the block." In case cozying up in bed looking #Glam wasn't a good enough reminder that these two hang close, the lyrics say it all.

JLo grew up in total poverty in The Bronx, even revealing that she was once "homeless" at 18,

Daily Mail reports. Cardi might be rolling in diamonds now, but she started out exactly like Jen – and in the same place.

11 Cris Judd: They're Called Exes For A Reason

via: ok

JLo's cozy selfies might be throwing us the biggest #Engagement vibes ever from A-Rod, but remember that "Jenny From The Block" has literally been around the block. With three marriages (and three divorces) to her name, Jen has been through the exes.

"Estranged" probably best describes Jen's second husband, Cris Judd. We don't see him and we don't hear from him. Not near JLo, at any rate.

"Very tough" is how Cris called the marriage. "Your privacy is breached. You're no longer a normal person,"

he told UsWeekly. Harsher words of Cris calling their marriage "a circus" were reported by She Knows.

10 Alex Rodriguez: A Total 180 From The Guy Above

via: instagram

We just can't get enough of these two. A-list couples have a way of flaunting their romance with a slight #Annoying, but there's nothing but love and respect between these two. Whether they're on Paris hotel balconies or around their Christmas tree, JLo and A-Rod are #Goals.

A-Rod is preparing for the "right moment" to propose to Jen. "He's finally met his soulmate,"

Hollywood Life reports. At 43, A-Rod may be 6 years younger than JLo, but she's his rock. "He's just got to find the right moment to propose. He wants it to be absolutely perfect," the media outlet reports.

9 Kim K: Goes To JLo's Taco Wednesdays

via: peopledotcom

When it comes to cherry-picking her friends, Kim Kardashian is as smart as JLo. Sure, everyone wants to be chosen. Being tight with Kim doesn't just "happen," though. Then again, if you're Ms. Lopez, the doors are always open.

"Taco Wednesday at JLo and Alex's house," Kim said about Taco Wednesdays in 2017. E Online reported that the two were "reuniting" as this pic surfaced. Remember, the line for selfies with Kim K is long (and not many people make it).

Kim then posted a ton of pics and Snapchats from the night. "Who else would host a taco Wednesday in this outfit? This gorgeous girl," Kim said about Jen.

8 Leah Remini: They Go Way Back, "I Love This Person"

via: zimbio

Leah Remini might not be the most #Relevant celeb, but with Second Act coming out, she's resurfaced. The former King of Queens actress goes way back with Jen, and she told Oprah all about it.

"When I was approaching her, I was like, 'I hope it's the lighting. Maybe she just looks good in here," Leah said about her first meeting with JLo. Jen herself then spoke up:

"And we fell in love right there. It was one of those instant chemistry things where you just feel like, 'I love this person. I love being around this person.

This person makes me laugh." #Besties

7 Eva Longoria: The Faux Pas Hasn't Been Forgotten

via: pinterest

Two latina ladies they might be, but don't think the friendship between Eva Longoria and JLo is watertight. In fact, as Life & Style reports, things couldn't be frostier between these two. JLo's ex, Marc Anthony, had reportedly turned to Eva for comfort.

"Marc's calls to Eva behind Jennifer's back – telling her all the deepest, darkest secrets about his marriage – are the ultimate betrayal."

In 2008, Eva was spotted sitting on Marc's lap just after Jen had given birth. "There's a history of bad blood between Jennifer and Eva," the magazine continued. "Jennifer hates Eva" seems to be the conclusion.

6 Miley Cyrus: Doesn't Seem Interested

via: elle

Miley Cyrus doesn't appear to have any particular beef with JLo. The new Mrs. Hemsworth hangs with Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato, but you won't find any pics of Miley chilling with JLo.

While Miley and JLo technically appear in the same January 2019 headline for both participating in the #10YearChallenge pics, Billboard listed a ton of other faces – Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and Jen's "enemy" Mariah Carey all joined in.

Miley? If she's avoiding Jen, it probably isn't from any drama. Miley simply doesn't seem to have shown much of an interest in hanging with "Jenny From The Block."

5 Derek Hough: #Dancer4Dancer

via: instagram

Much like Jenna Dewan only went on World of Dance to be near Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough is another WOD host who is more than happy to bask in the honor of the #JLoPresence. As ET reports, Derek holds any opinion of JLo's with high esteem. "Man, I am so excited. We have white chairs this season," Derek said.

"It's so funny, because the first day Jennifer came in, she goes, 'We need white chairs!' It changed the whole feel, the whole vibe. I was like, 'I know why you're JLo now.'"

That's the #JLoEffect. This 2018 selfie snuck Ne-Yo in with Derek. It was posted to Jen's Instagram.

4 Selena Gomez: Biggest JLo Girl Crush Ever

via: twitter

Selena Gomez is back on Instagram, although she didn't leave in the most stable state. With some rehab time, Selena seems to be back to her usual self. Which kind of brings us to Selena's slightly bizarre September 2018 post.

“I wanted to tell you how much you inspired me tonight! I haven’t felt that free in my entire life.

I just want to tell you how amazing God thinks you are. He was speaking to me through your show tonight! Like made me feel like such a woman!!”

Page Six called the message "strange." While JLo didn't reply, she did share backstage snaps that included Selena. The love is definitely there.

3 Justin Bieber: Probably #KeepingClear Now That The Wifey Is In Charge

via: elle

It was a long time ago, but Justin Bieber did once find himself making #WanderingEye headlines concerning JLo. Back in 2010, The Daily Mail reported Bieber ogling JLo's famous assets – well, to be specific, their reflection in a car door.

The Biebs is now hitched to Hailey. Staring at JLo wouldn't going to go down too well. #SteerClear

While Vibe reported Justin joining other celebs and Jen for Poo Bear's Bilingual album, the "Sorry" singer seems to be more than keeping his distance. Either that, or he's too besotted with Hailey Baldwin.

2 Meryl Streep: #Sistas Gotta Stick Together

via: instagram

Sure, it's more fashionable to hang with the Kardashians. Much like her friendship with Leah Remini, though, JLo isn't in it for the publicity. This Oscars selfie of JLo with Meryl Streep got so much attention, Time called it a "budding friendship."

“Meryl Streep #oOscars #OscarLegend #NeedSomeOfThatOscarJuju lol” was JLo's caption to this pic of herself with Hollywood's legendary Meryl.

Time reports that they "bonded" over their mutual enthusiasm for feminist equal pay.

1 Kylie Jenner: People Who Are Nearly 50? Please

via: peopledotcom

Kylie Jenner is a weird one. While the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is now the richest, she's also kind of the most isolated. Kylie takes epic bathroom group selfies at the Met Gala, but they always seem to come with a #OneOff.

Kylie's actual squad seems to be formed of her BFF, Jordyn Woods, her sisters, her mom, Travis Scott, and Stormi. Either Kylie is alienating everyone, or she's just not up for the shoulder-rubbing.

Bear in mind too, that Kylie is 21. She hangs with people under 25 (Kendall joins her here), and Kris Jenner seems to be the only over-50 seen near Kylie. JLo? Not in Kylie's circle.

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