10 Signs She’s WAY Too Comfortable In The Relationship (& 10 Signs He Is)

In an episode of the hilarious TV show 30 Rock, Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon says, "I just wish I could start a relationship about 12 years in, when you really don't have to try anymore, and you can just sit around together and goof on TV shows."

Doesn't that sound like the dream?! For many singletons, when they go on a first date and they like the guy, they wish that we could skip to the part where they're in a serious, loving relationship that is going really well.

It's hard to imagine wading through all of the awkward small talk and the things that people have to do when getting to know each other, like asking questions about exes and learning each other's quirks.

Even though getting comfy with each other is what makes a person realize that they've met their match, it's actually possible to be too comfortable. Ladies who have been with their boyfriend, fiance, or husband for a while know that this is super true. People don't plan on this happening, but somehow it does.

Here are 10 signs that she has become WAY too comfortable in the relationship, along with 10 signs that he is experiencing the same.

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20 She Is: She Tells Him Everything, Even About Girl Drama


The truth is that while your boyfriend loves you and he loves chatting with you, there is one topic that he doesn't want to hear about and that is girl drama.

Whether you're fighting with your best friend or complaining about your friend group in general, he honestly doesn't want to hear about it.

The problem is that when you get too comfortable in the relationship, you tend to share absolutely everything with him, including this topic. This is when you might need to step back a bit and talk to another friend about these things. It truly makes him uncomfortable to hear about these dramatic situations and conversations.

19 He Is: He Tells Her Things His Friends Say That She Doesn't Want To Hear


How you be sure that your boyfriend has gotten too comfy in the relationship? If he shares the things that his friends tell him about you or their relationship.

Maybe his best friend thinks that you tell too many jokes when they all hang out (which is super mean) or something along those lines. Your boyfriend means well and he feels that he should share this stuff with you since you're so close and have been together for so long. But in reality, he can keep those things to himself so you don't get hurt and upset. What you don't know can't hurt you, right?

18 She Is: She Complains Way Too Much


You've been with your boyfriend for several months, a year, or several years, and things are going really well. There's just one thing that you do that your BF isn't super thrilled about: you complain a lot.

Of course, you're not trying to annoy him and you're not even trying to be so negative.

The thing is that you're so comfortable around him and you've gotten so used to spending all of your time with him that you've started to take it for granted that he'll be there to listen to anything that you have to say. This is totally normal because there is always at least one thing to complain about. But you live with someone, they don't exactly want to hear such negativity over breakfast, dinner, or when watching TV at night, right?

17 He Is: He Stops Trying To Impress Her


Guys definitely want to impress the girl that they are dating. They try so hard and do so much for her, from planning amazing dates to making sure to remember everything that she tells him.

You might notice that after a certain point, your boyfriend stops trying to impress you. It's not just your imagination, this is totally something that happens, and it's a big sign that your boyfriend has gotten too comfortable with you and the relationship. Remind him that you're still worth impressing (in a sweet, light-hearted manner, that is) and he'll want to start impressing you again.

16 She Is: She Uses The Bathroom In Front Of Him

Sitcom Network

Remember the scene in How I Met Your Mother when Lily and Marshall realized that there was one thing that they hadn't done as a couple: going to the bathroom in front of each other?

It was a sweet and funny scene about the things that you can still learn about your partner.

It's true that if you go to the bathroom in front of your BF or leave the door open all of the time, it means that you're comfortable around him. And while it's nice that you two are so cozy with each other, you might want to keep the door closed. It's good to leave a little bit of mystery.

15 He Is: He Burps And Doesn't Mind His Manners

The Independent

Everyone burps and can forget about manners from time to time. Long-term couples still want to be nice and polite to each other, though, no matter how long they have been together.

You might notice your boyfriend burping in front of you all the time and he might not even say "thank you" when you make him dinner one night or empty the dishwasher even though that's typically his job. It's not only kind of gross that he's doing this stuff but it proves that he has gotten so comfortable around you. Once you point this out, he'll definitely want to remember his manners again (or you can just burp in front of him and make him laugh... that might get the point across, too).

14 She Is: She Talks On The Phone And Texts During Date Nights


You would never dream of going on your phone during the first few weeks and months of a new relationship. That would seem super rude and you want to focus on your new boyfriend.

Something changes when you've been together for a long time: you take phone calls during date night and text your best friend or mom when you're sitting across from your boyfriend at dinner.

While everyone does this and it's not the biggest deal, it's also not nothing. He might not feel like he has your full attention, so this might actually be upsetting him. The good news is that it's easy to put your phone away on date night and focus on your lovely boyfriend.

13 He Is: He Eats Dinner Without Making The Effort To Have A Conversation


People joke about not wanting to be a boring couple who has been together for so long that they have nothing to say to each other while eating a meal. But suddenly, you realize that you're eating dinner with your boyfriend and he's not making any effort to talk to you.

In fact, this has been happening a lot lately. It's not anything serious, it just means that he has gotten comfortable with the relationship. It's actually a good thing since it means that he is so happy with you that he doesn't feel the need or pressure to always have something to say. Sometimes a guy just wants to eat, you know?!

12 She Is: She Takes A While To Text Him Or Forgets To Respond


When you first started dating your boyfriend, you would never let a text message from him go unanswered. You couldn't help but answer right away. And that was amazing since it meant that you weren't worried about responding too fast or any of those dating rules that people get hung up on.

Now, you don't answer him right away when he texts you, and sometimes you don't even remember to respond at all.

You know that he gets it since you two are most likely living together and so you see each other all the time, but it still might upset him and make him miss the old days. It's definitely something to think about.

11 He Is: He Stops Sending Her Texts During The Day

Entertainment Tonight

Every couple reaches a point where daily (or even hourly) text messages are a thing of the past. It can suck to realize this because those early days of texting 24/7 were so much fun.

It's actually the best thing ever since it proves that you two are so serious that you live together and are always together. Texting each other might even be weird since you would literally be texting each other while sitting on the couch or at the kitchen counter together.

When a guy stops texting his girlfriend, he's gotten so comfortable that he doesn't feel the pressure to always contact her.

10 She Is: She Lets Chores Build Up But Complains When He Doesn't Do Them

The Independent

Have you ever let the laundry go for several days because you were too busy or decided to binge watch something on a Sunday afternoon instead of cleaning the bathroom like you usually do? Of course, right?

No one really wants to do chores, so if you let them go for a bit, you wouldn't want your boyfriend to remind you or to complain that you didn't do them.

And yet sometimes, if your boyfriend doesn't do the chores that he's supposed to, you definitely let him know that you're not happy about it. It's totally normal to be annoyed but being a bit more compassionate is definitely the way to go here.

9 He Is: He Rarely Says Anything Romantic


Some guys are romantic all the time, others are romantic just at the beginning of the relationship, and others only say sweet nothings on anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

Although every guy is different, one thing that is common is that a guy will stop being romantic once he's serious about someone. He feels like she knows how he feels so there's no reason to keep saying that he loves her so much and that he thinks that she's so amazing. But of course, you still want to hear these things, which is why you want to bring it up with him for sure.

8 She Is: She Stops Asking For What She Needs


It's tricky to let your boyfriend know that you need something specific from him, like the number of date nights every week or you really want to see your girlfriends regularly and so you both can build that into your schedules.

Once you two become closer and more comfortable around each other, you might stop thinking that telling him what you need is so important.

You might assume that it's too late because you've been a couple for a year so you can't change anything.

That's too bad since it's definitely important and you deserve to tell him what you need from the relationship. Don't be afraid to let him know, no matter how long you've been together.

7 He Is: He Lets Anniversaries Or Valentine's Day Be A Normal Night


Not every couple thinks that anniversaries or big dates like Valentine's Day need a big to-do. At the same time, though, these are definitely special days for a couple and they need to be celebrated as such, even if you just do something small at home.

A guy who is very comfortable in his relationship won't even think to do anything too special for these dates. He won't think that his girlfriend even wants that. He figures that they know that they're in love so there's no point. If you're cool with this, then it's great, but if you still want to celebrate, you have to let him know.

6 She Is: She Lets A Petty Argument Go On For Too Long


It's pretty crazy how long-term couples can have arguments about totally petty things. You would never fight about these things back in your early days as a couple, and yet here you two are, getting upset over things that don't matter at all.

You might find yourself letting these petty fights go on for a super long time and you don't even know why.

It might be that you're too comfortable in the relationship. After all, if you thought that this argument would lead to a bigger one, you would have ended it a lot sooner. But something is telling you that this isn't a big deal and that it doesn't really matter.

5 He Is: He Won't Apologize First


Even though every couple has their own way of fighting, sometimes when a couple argues early on in the relationship, the guy will apologize first just to end the fight and get things on a happier note.

When your boyfriend doesn't say sorry first anymore and he waits until you will be the one to end the argument first, it might be a bit confusing. But it really just means that he has gotten so comfortable being with you that he knows that one argument won't break you two up. He doesn't feel so pressured to get back on track ASAP because he knows that you might both need to let off some steam and that you'll be back to normal in no time.

4 She Is: She Keeps Dropping Hints To Get Engaged


When you're really comfortable with your boyfriend and you're ready to get married, you might start dropping hints that you want him to put a ring on it.

This is something common that we often hear about, but it's not the best way to approach the subject.

Marriage is such a big deal and it's smarter to sit down with our BF and have a conversation about what we want. We're so comfy with him that we might bring it up at random times, but that might not get us the best results, and he might be upset that we keep doing that.

3 He Is: He Changes The Subject When She Brings Up Important Relationship Issues

Hello Giggles

Some couples check in all the time about the good and not so good parts of the relationship. Others never really have those deep talks. It just depends on your communication styles.

One thing is for sure, though: when a guy is super comfortable in a relationship, he might not take it too seriously when his girlfriend brings up some things that she wants to talk about. Every time she asks him for his opinion or feelings about something, he changes the subject. He thinks this is no big deal because he might not realize that she's actually upset. It's easy to see how this would happen, but communication needs to be a bigger priority in this case.

2 She Is: She Buys Him The Same Gifts Every Year


Some people give amazing personal gifts that are so meaningful, it's almost hard to believe that the person didn't buy it for themselves. Others aren't the best gift givers at all and get nervous when a birthday or Christmas rolls around.

If you keep giving your boyfriend the same gift all the time, whether for his birthday or Christmas, that does make sense.

You found a gift-giving system that works and makes him happy, and you don't have to think about it too much. But this is also a sign that you've gotten too comfortable in the relationship. Switching it up will be much more interesting and show him that you really care.

1 He Is: He Wears The Same Clothes Every Single Day


It's adorable when a guy has a combo of clothing that he loves to wear. Maybe it's a t-shirt, nice jeans, and a hoodie.

Is it so adorable when he wears the same thing literally every day? You probably would say yes since you're in love with him, but at the same time, you wish that he could mix things up a bit more.

It's good news that he wears the same outfit every day since it shows you that he's so comfortable with you that he's not putting on airs (or another outfit). So besides dropping hints about wearing something else (or maybe buying him clothes that he'll love), be happy that you have such a wonderful boyfriend.

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