10 Celebs Who Went MIA After A Breakup (& 10 Who Rose To Fame)

There are a variety of ups and downs when it comes to being in a committed relationship. Those in relationships have to deal with the fact that maybe one day the love they shared with their significant other may come to an end, despite all of their efforts of trying to make the relationship last.

Celebrity relationships are a bit harder than those of non-famous couples. Celebrities have to live with the fact that their heartache and pain will be revealed for the entire world to see and read about in the headlines.

Some celebrities who have endured heartbreak were able to rise above their pain. They were able to channel that anger from the breakup and use it to persevere. Other celebrities, however, went MIA for a bit. They had to somewhat disappear from the limelight in order for them to collect their thoughts and do a little self-healing before they wanted to discuss their break up, or even be spotted out and about by the paparazzi.

Let's take look at a few celebs who were able to use their heartbreak to continue their careers and rise to fame, as well as those who needed a little time away to deal with their feelings.

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20 Went MIA: Katie Holmes Kept A Low-Key Profile


Actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise first began dating in 2005, a year after Holmes professed in a magazine article that she'd always had a crush on the actor, as Insider reports. Cruise then professed his love for Holmes in the now famous Oprah couch-jumping interview. In just one year of dating, Katie and Tom got engaged. They wed and had a baby the next year, but their marriage came to an end in 2012, when Holmes filed for divorce. After the divorce was finalized, Katie Holmes kept a low profile. She stayed away from various industry events and took some time off to raise her daughter, Suri.

19 Rose To Fame: Adele Released Chart-Topping Albums

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Award-winning singer Adele knows how to successfully turn her heartbreaks into chart-topping hits. The 30-year-old singer would name her albums 19, 21 and 25 respectively, to coincide with her age at the time the albums were released.

Each album would depict circumstances and heartbreak Adele endured during that particular time. It seems to work for her.

As The Independent reveals, the day after one of Adele's breakups, she went into the studio and penned "Rolling in the Deep." It became her first number-one song on the US Billboard Hot 10.

18 Went MIA: Demi Moore Didn't Want To Discuss Her Heartbreak


Actress Demi Moore has endured being in the spotlight for a long time now. After her first marriage with actor Bruce Willis didn’t quite work out, Demi Moore continued to focus on her career and raising her children. When Demi’s second marriage to Ashton Kutcher ended after six years of being together, Demi Moore kind of retreated from the limelight. Although Moore was the one who ended the marriage by filing for divorce, she took some time away to deal with heartbreak and often chose to not speak about it. She also changed her Twitter handle from “MrsKutcher” to “JustDemi,” as Vanity Fair reports.

17 Rose To Fame: Mila Kunis Focused On Her Career


Before becoming a popular household name, Mila Kunis was in a long-term relationship with an extremely popular former child star. Mila Kunis dated Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin for eight years.

Mila admitted that she was the one who made mistakes for the duration of their relationship and called their breakup a terrible one.

Mila was beginning to blossom and further her career as an actress, however, while Culkin had already shied away from the entertainment industry. Kunis stated that her breakup with Culkin allowed her to do a little self-evaluation.

16 Went MIA: Lindsay Lohan Stayed Out Of The Spotlight


Lindsay Lohan has always had to deal with being in the spotlight, especially as she made the transition from child star to an adult actress and entrepreneur. Over time, Lindsay has had her share of relationships that have made numerous headlines.

When the actress' relationship with her former fiancé made headlines for all of the wrong reasons, Lohan knew it was time to end the relationship.

Afterwards, Lindsy stayed out of the spotlight for a little bit and just focused on being a businesswoman. She’s now decided to make a comeback to the entertainment industry with her new MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

15 Rose To Fame: Adrienne Bailon Expanded Her Resumé


Music fans might remember Adrienne Bailon as one of the singers of the girl group 3LW, or perhaps when she starred as Chanel Simmons in Disney’s The Cheetah Girls. Adrienne was dating Rob Kardashian around the time Keeping Up With The Kardashians first premiered. Their relationship was showcased on some of the first few episodes of the reality show. The two dated for nearly two years before they decided to call it quits, as Us reports. After the breakup, Adrienne continued to expand her résumé. She’s starred in various films, recorded music and is now a co-host of the daytime talk show, The Real.

14 Went MIA: Ashton Kutcher Took A Private Trip

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When news hit that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were getting a divorce after six years a marriage, a lot of people were surprised. To try to deal with his marriage ending, Ashton Kutcher decided to take a secluded trip by himself.

Kutcher stated that he decided to go to the mountains for seven days by himself to clear his mind. On the trip, Kutcher didn’t bring any electronic devices like his cell phone or computer. He didn’t even bring food.

All he had with him for the week's solo trip was his note pad, tea, water and a pen, Business Insider reports. The trip helped Ashton deal with the heartbreak he was experiencing.

13 Rose To Fame: Nicole Kidman Became A Sought-After Actress


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were married for 11 years before they decided to end things. Kidman was surprised when Cruise filed for divorce and stated that it took her quite some time to get over her heart being broken. She'd even begged him to reconsider, as The Daily Mail reports.

After the divorce was finalized, Kidman continued to work in Hollywood and ultimately became a high-in-demand actress, and her career continued to skyrocket. Kidman is now happily married to country singer Keith Urban, and the two have two daughters together.

12 Went MIA: Rob Kardashian Was Rarely Seen In Public

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As a member of the Kardashian family, Rob Kardashian has had no choice but to have his everyday life exposed for public consumption. Rob's previous relationship with model Blac Chyna was played out for the entire world to see on their reality show, Rob & Chyna. The series showcased the ups and downs of their relationship, leading up to the arrival of their first child together, Dream Kardashian. The series was abruptly cancelled after their engagement and relationship ended. Following his heartbreak, Rob was rarely seen in public, and he deleted most of the photos on his Instagram.

11 Rose To Fame: Katy Perry Continued Her Tour


Singer Katy Perry was in the middle of her successful California Dreams tour when she received a text message from her then-husband, Russell Brand, saying that he was filing for a divorce. The two had only been married 14 months, and the news about the divorce came out of the blue.

Perry decided to feature the heartbreaking moment on her documentary, Part Of Me. Fans can see Perry crying her eyes out about the drama in her marriage. However, she managed to pull herself together and was able to give her fans a memorable performance, despite the pain she was enduring behind the scenes, as The Daily Mail reports.

10 Went MIA: Britney Spears Took A Break From Music

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Britney Spears is without a doubt one of the biggest names in pop music. Britney has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager and often had to deal with handling her personal issues in the limelight. Over time, Britney has had a lot of her relationships highlighted in the press. After her divorce with Kevin Federline was finalized, Britney had to endure a custody battle for their two sons.

Having to deal with her heartbreak and personal issues was difficult, so Britney stepped away from the industry. This break caused Britney to do little to no promotion for her fifth album entitled "Blackout."

Britney eventually emerged and was able to release the successful single "Womanizer" from her fifth album. As Bustle reports, it was her comeback single.

9 Rose To Fame: Taylor Swift Turned Her Heartbreak Into Hits


Pop superstar Taylor Swift has always chosen to write about her personal life experiences in her songs, to give listeners an insight into her busy world. Taylor usually dates often.

Whenever things don’t work out with the person she’s currently seeing, Taylor uses her creativity to channel her feelings into a song. Her heartbreak songs usually become hits and are deemed anthems for all the girls and guys who are also going through heartbreak.

Taylor knows how to successfully write from her experiences, and make a chart-topping song. In 2017, Billboard reports that Taylor turned 12 of her relationships into songs.

8 Went MIA: Naya Rivera's Heartbreak Led To An Interesting Turn Of Events


Former Glee star Naya Rivera and hip hop superstar Big Sean were once dubbed one of Hollywood's hottest couples. The famous duo was even engaged to be married, but they never got the chance to make it down the aisle. Big Sean decided to call off their wedding and their relationship altogether.

In her memoir, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up, Rivera revealed that she learned about their engagement being called off on social media along with the rest of the world.

Three months later, Rivera announced that she had married fellow actor Ryan Dorsey on the same date that she and Big Sean were originally supposed to get married. Wow!

7 Rose To Fame: Amber Rose Decided To Speak Up


Model and actress Amber Rose has had to deal with a few public heartbreaks. She was once in a two-year relationship with rapper Kanye West. During the duration of Amber's relationship with Kanye, it was rare for the model to speak in interviews or when she graced the red carpet with the rapper. A lot of people didn't have a clue as to what her voice even sounded like.

Once that relationship ended, Amber was able to become more vocal about what she had to endure during their relationship, and she even cited Kim Kardashian as a reason why she and Kanye broke up, as The Daily Mail reports. But, Amber rose above. She established a foundation to tackle issues such as gender equality. As she writes on The Amber Rose Foundation website,

"I was once known for being just this face, I stood in silence publicly while people just watched me, until I found my passion.

Now I am a voice and a rather loud and unapologetic one for the [things] I believe in."

6 Went MIA: Kelis Launched Another Career


Many people know Kelis's hit songs such as "Caught Out There," "Milkshake" and "Bossy." When the singer decided to file for divorce from her husband of five years, rapper Nas, she was seven months pregnant with the couple’s first child together, as The Guardian reports.

A few years later, and feeling like she needed to move away from music a bit, Kelis was able to pursue her love of cooking and make a name for herself in the industry.

She's got her own cookbook and a range of sauces, plus she wants to have her own restaurant, as The Guardian reports.

5 Rose To Fame: Karrueche Tran Found Her Calling


Karrueche Tran was once in a highly publicized relationship with singer and songwriter, Chris Brown. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout their relationship. News circulated that Chris had fathered a child during his relationship with Karruche, which led to their split.

Following the end of their relationship, Karrueche decided to focus on herself and her acting career. She is now starring as Virginia Loc on the TNT drama series, Claws alongside Niecy Nash. Karrueche has also launched her own makeup, in a collaboration with ColourPop. called Brown Sugar, as Allure reports.

4 Went MIA: Amber Heard Took Some Time For Herself


The ending of actress Amber Heard’s relationship with fellow actor Johnny Depp made various headlines and was talked about for weeks in the media. Heard decided to file for divorce from Johnny Depp after only a few months of being married. Once their divorce was finalized, neither Johnny Depp nor Amber Heard spoke about the headlines on their relationship, one of which included the couple arguing over infidelity rumours. Amber kept to herself and continued to work on her acting career. She’s currently starring as Mera in the Aquaman and Justice League films.

3 Rose To Fame: Justin Timberlake Wrote A Hit Single


Justin Timberlake has been in the spotlight since he was a teenager. Timberlake had always garnered success while he was a member of the boy band, NSYNC, but when he decided to go solo, his star power seemed to catapult.

At the time, Justin was in a high-profile relationship with pop star Britney Spears. When their relationship ended, Timberlake decided to channel his relationship woes into a song.

That song became the hit many people love and know as "Cry Me A River," which was a single from his album, "Justified."

Timberlake revealed in his book, Hindsight: & All the Things I Can’t See In Front Of Me, that he was so frustrated with the demise of his relationship, he was able to pen the hit song in just two hours, as Us Magazine reports.

2 Went MIA: Jennie Garth Kept To Herself


Actress Jennie Garth is known for her role as Kelly Taylor on the hit 90s series Beverly Hills 90210. Garth married fellow actor Peter Facinelli in 2001. In 2012, many people were surprised when the couple announced that they were getting a divorce after 11 years of marriage. After her divorce was finalized, Garth decided to take some time for herself. In a candid interview with People, Garth stated that she was getting her life back and feeling more comfortable in her skin.

1 Rose To Fame: Nick Lachey Found Solo Success


Singer and 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey was in a high profile marriage with fellow singer, Jessica Simpson. The couple's relationship was extremely highlighted in their MTV reality series, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. After only three years of marriage, Nick and Jessica decided to call it quits. Nick decided to write a song that was inspired by his marriage coming to an end. What’s Left Of Me became one of Nick Lachey’s biggest hits as a solo artist.

Ironically, Nick Lachey also found love again while working on the set of the What’s Left Of Me video.

His current wife, Vanessa Minnillo, was the leading lady in the music video for the single.

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