Nissan Altima 2016 – The Family Car of the Year

Behold to welcome Nissan’s new family car — the fifth-generation Nissan Altima which offers a much improved driving experience that comes with all the modern facilities that a vehicle should have. Its shape and design is gorgeous; and along with the beautiful ‘Bronze’ tone it has the ability to become the car of the year. Experts believe that it could be Nissan’s much desired breakthrough, and it will reinforce Nissan’s position as, once again, one of the giants in the auto industry.nissan1

This new addition in the Altima series comes with a fascias upgrade for rear and front seats, quite similar to the ones seen in the new Maxima or the Murano. Brand new designs in headlights and taillights have made the car more smart looking. The interior is improved in a way to give it a more of a family atmosphere.

Now let’s get to the driving part. Like any other Nissans this one is reliable for mileage and long-lasting engine functionality, which would give you a fantastic driving experience.

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