Justin Bieber Claims to Have Signed 2,000 Copies in Last Few Months!

Pop sensation Justin Bieber always prefers to be in limelight. And the new addition to this is his claim that in the last two months he has signed around two thousand ‘Purpose’ copies for his fans.


Critics are saying that this is Bieber’s attempt to tame the success of One Direction’s latest album released at the same time with Bieber’s latest album. Although both albums got acclamation among fans and sold millions of copies, ultimately there will only be one winner. And we know well that Bieber doesn’t like to come second in anything.

However, fans are complaining that most of the CDs were not signed by the singer himself; according to them, the signatures were done by machine. Fans are publishing images of their copies on different social medias and expressing their discontent with the whole matter. After all, who wants to be cheated by their favorite pop star! No reliable sources, however, have confirmed the signature anomaly; but fans across the world are echoing their voice regarding this concern.

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