DJI Phantom 3: the Quadcopter for high-quality aerial photography

09 04 20151428577242Phantom-3_angled

Drone manufacturers have been trying to build superior quadcopters dedicated to photography. DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+ was a great addition to that, and, now they have come with another that will make aerial photography even easier and better.

This one is built as a part of DJI’s fly Vision series, which features turbocharge, easy to handle operation, and high resolution built in cameras. According to the drone giant, it is the new VISION that is set to change the idea of aerial photography. And, it is the first quadcopter that can shoot 4K videos.

Starting from the beginning of this year, DJI has been facing competition with other drone makers coming up with their own drones for superior aerial photography purpose. And also the government is trying to finalize legislation regarding drone usage. However defying all odds, the pioneer has built this masterpiece that can stay in air for a prolonged time, and can capture perfect HD photos. If you are a drone lover, it is a must ‘fly’ for you.


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